Morning all:
What a morning in Canada! The early morning sun reflecting on the lake, barely warm enough to sit in shorts, a not too distant loon’s cry, hummingbirds fighting for position at the feeders, unshaven with my hair sporting an uncombed cowlick and a steaming mug of coffee alongside is really perfection.

Many a great plan for reading the books I brought along has fallen by the wayside. Ask what exactly it is that I’ve done and I’ll scratch my head; eventually though the honest answer will be—relaxing. The days have already turned into a week. A few small projects have been accomplished but much more time spent sitting and talking.

One day we did take the quad-runners into the bush for over ten miles, finally running out of either trail or area clear of underbrush to continue. Being this far from any main road then stopping to measure the size of a wolf’s and just a bit later a moose’s print are glorious moments.

The fact that shoulders complain from a little too much kayaking only make me want to go back out for more; actually that is exactly what my nephew Joel and I will be up to a couple of hours from now. The plan is to kayak past a couple of beaver dams that partially block the connector to the adjacent lake and then explore it. Yesterday life was a bit more mundane, a run to the garbage dump, later a trip to town for a two-ring auction at the local hockey arena, capped by an after-dinner tour around the lake on the pontoon boat.

From Florida the news we have gotten is all good. Kirstin and Kellen are home. Kirstin says that the little guy is a laid-back baby who does exactly what babies are supposed to do—eat and sleep. Derek loves his baby brother; Vince and Kirstin can be proud of their little family.

Then yesterday Marin turned a big three. We called him and between Marcia and I he must have happily chatted for ten minutes; most of which I really did understand.
Make it a great week everyone; take a little time to enjoy nature.


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