Morning all:

Congratulations to Kirstin, Vince, and Derek with the total team effort they put forth bringing Kellen Vincent into the family–I know that mom and I are thrilled! I was going to say “little Kellen”, but coming in to the world at 9 pounds and 11 ounces he is about ready to step right alongside Derek for playtime.

At eight days overdue he made it amazingly clear that he was just ‘happy as a clam’ staying right where he was. This “leave me alone” stance became the first parent versus child battle of the wills which Kellen finally lost. Mom and baby are doing fine even though there are a couple of battle scars that will force Kirstin to stay in the hospital for a couple of days.

Kellen Vincent

And then there is poor Vince who is expected to pay attention to Kirstin, parent and entertain Derek, ooh and aah over Kellen, as well as man a phone bank informing all the family and friends with status reports. All of this is probably do-able was it not for the facts that at least some of the family is never near their phone. That last reference is to Marcia and I. Being on vacation we spent day one helping man Paul’s “Mild to Wild Car Show” event. About 200 vintage and modified cars were on display. My original plan was to drag our little Deux Chevaux to the show but the logistics became a bit much. Shortly we’ll be off for Canada.

Make it a great week everyone; especially to you Kellen and Kirstin


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