Morning all:

Welcome to this eponymous blog. That is because just this week I learned that my first name is actually the name of one of the kingdoms forming the United Kingdom. Let me hoist a mug of coffee to that bit of trivia, Horton’s coffee that is.

I have little idea of Marcia’s plans for today. Common sense says that somehow I’ll be involved. If it turns out that there are a series of projects on her list I will apply my first rule of home repair: never force it—get a larger hammer.

Hopefully it is not the same rule the dealership maintenance department applied to my car when it was in the shop this week. Getting back from Florida my Monday commute had me driving in 90 degree muggy weather with no air conditioning and it turned out that the compressor was ‘toast’. This made for the second compressor that has needed replacement while the vehicle is still under warranty. It’s a bit unusual don’t you think?

Since this week the airline industry has been in the news – day and night, I thought I’d mention my flight into Ft. Meyers last week. We were late arriving because of nasty weather in Chicago. There the Florida weather was feeling the effects of some storms over the water and this caused wind shifts. Sitting bulkhead in seat 1D I was chatting with the strapped in attendant. On the final glide the pilot aborted the landing and did a 180 degree turn to accommodate a wind shift and she mentioned how much she disliked when that happens.

Of course there was an alternative. That would have been a high speed landing with heavy tailwind and an exceedingly long rollout. I can just hear the subsequent tower instructions. “Southwest 2849 turn right onto taxiway, if able, if not, take the Naples exit to south I-75, take first exit and head back to airport”.

Make it a great week everyone; remember if you’re flying this week that the British word for a line, “queue”, is just another word for “herd”.


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