Morning all:

Thanks Pieter and Jeanne for remembering that last week Marcia and I celebrated our anniversary with your delightful gift: and yes, hot Seattle Mountain coffee is steaming in my mug this morning. For those of you in our North West, I personally prefer Seattle over their competitor, the one with about a gazillion outlets.

This week Shang left me and is back with Adrianne, who raised him since he was a pup. Two years of having one very excited dog peek over the edge of the deck as I pulled into the drive have ended. Last evening I caught myself looking up to the deck as I drove up.

So, in a bit I will venture forth on my own. Unlike Noel Coward who was quoted as saying “I like long walks, especially when they’re taken by people who annoy me.” I do enjoy getting out and about, with or without my buddy.

With Adrianne and Tevita arriving home this week I realized just what an asset the Peace Corps has lost. Wednesday midnight at the Indianapolis airport (thank you Southwest Airlines) had many a bleary eyed airport wanderer stop and stare at two grey-haired fogies embracing and hugging two happy young folk who looked as if they had just flown in from some Pacific Island.

Over the previous weeks Marcia had worked hard to not just drag Adrianne’s stuff from storage at our house back over to their apartment, but to take it and transform it into a warm and welcoming home. It truly was move-in ready. Their tired smiles said it all. Welcome home kids.

Working at my desk the next day after a night of only 3.5 hours of rest also said a lot.

Next weekend is the Tall Stacks and Music, Arts, and Heritage festival. At our house it will be party time as family and friends roll in. The weather promises to bring a glorious autumn offering; especially important for the scheduled dinner cruise on the New Orleans based Natchez on Saturday, and the Pig Roast finale on Sunday.

Around the house is a legal-pad full of to-do’s, to-get’s, must-do’s, shall-do’s; and not last the most important ‘to-do’, the “Dirk you get it in gear” do. My solution is to head out on the last week-end of racing as the sailing season ends. For those not from the Midwest, most of these inland lakes are managed by the US Corps of Engineers as flood control measures. During October most are drained to prepare for the spring rains. We’ll hold a small ceremony as we lower the mast at the conclusion of the race.

Make it a great week everyone; travel safely as many of you head for Cincinnati this week.

Marcia and I can’t wait to see y’all.


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