Morning all:

Immediately after this post I’ll head for the grocery store. Not in a panic mind you, but with just a wee bit of scampering—we are out of coffee! In any case, the rest of the post should not be too bad in the attitude department and will not have the appearance of undue haste. Now, with just a degree of urgency, I best get started.

The grocery store has a Caribou Coffee shop near the entrance to get me started prior to initiating my hunt through and around the aisles. Why would anyone call their coffee emporium ‘Caribou’? The image isn’t even pleasant.

Last weekend Marcia and I started to seriously anticipate Adrianne’s wedding in Tonga scheduled for this past Thursday. The actual ritual would be very akin to the rites we are familiar with, yet with oh so many differences. Then, trying to connect with her not only in spirit and mind but also by telephone is a huge challenge considering the 17-hour time difference plus serious connectivity issues.

Tonga’s King Taufa’ahau Tupou IV had been on the throne for over 40 years and now at 88 years of age was dying. Should his death occur then for a one month period there would be an official 1-month long period of mourning where: everyone must dress in black, no partying allowed, no dancing to occur, etc. Last weekend I wrote an email to Adrianne and closed it with a lighthearted “long live the king.”

The king died in the early hours of the very next morning.

These kids have such amazing resilience and attitude. This newest ‘wrinkle’ was dealt with wonderfully in this quote from Adrianne in a note written shortly after her wedding; “So…. I’m now a married woman. All went well…a few bumps in the process only make it all a better story.”

This acceptance and the ability to enjoy life by these two is best expressed using the analogy of a young couple canoeing down a river filled with bends as they head for their Lake Bliss. I believe that in our American culture we tend to insist on having to see every inch of the journey prior to even setting out. Adrianne and Tevita, on the other hand, have an amazing ability to only require sight of the next bend and to then glory in only the experiences of that immediate portion of their journey. All the time fully believing and knowing that the placid waters of their Lake Bliss will eventually appear as they make another turn around another bend.

Welcome to the family Tevita. Joy and happiness to you Adrianne, and our love to you both. Just think, in a week we’ll wrap you both into the warmth of your family here—and we can’t wait!

Since the mid-term election hype is well underway let me give this disclaimer: “this message was approved by Dirk.”

Make it a great week everyone; enjoy life, one bend at a time.


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