Morning all:

This is a Sunday morning post while I am waiting till after daybreak to take my walk. Cincinnati is at the height of fall color and I want to drink it all in. In a couple of hours I will be off for the continent below ours and when I return the trees will be all shut down and stripped for winter. Since it’s still dark, for the moment I’ll stick with just drinking in the coffee.

For most of you the word has gotten around that last weekend was spectacular. Aside from way too little time to spend talking with all of you who drove of flew for hours just to spend a weekend with us here in Cincinnati, Marcia and I were honored and thrilled that you took the time.

Seventeen of our group dined and cruised the Ohio River along with 483 others aboard the New Orleans based Natchez steam powered paddle-wheeler. Even our Metro bus ride to the riverfront became a fun adventure. The highlight for three year old Marin was being next to the boat’s huge steam engine—he told me so himself.

However, it was the Pig Roast in honor of Adrianne and Tevita’s marriage and return from Tonga that became the flame on the weekend’s candle. Our home, being ‘station central’ for the weekend was ‘food central’ on Sunday. At least seventy-five or so folk thought so. Joel’s band knew how Bob Marley would have wanted to have Reggae music add to the festivities. And the youngsters even got into a backyard game of Cincinnati “Cornhole.”

Thanks to everyone for joining us. I think that the smiles told the story; especially the ear-to-ear smiles on Adrianne and Tevita’s faces. In fact, this whole weekend thing has the two of them strutting around town as if they are the Grand Poobah’s of the region. Last night the town had a major event as the heart of the city, Fountain Square, was reopened after being refurbished. These two opted not to attend fearing that they’d be mobbed.

Marcia and I escaped town and spent last week in Chicago. I had to attend meetings and Marcia needed to come down from the many days of preparation for last weekend. Remember that I had to work. That meant that Marcia spent her days exploring things for us to do at night. She was extremely successful! We managed to see the final tuning prior to its New York premier of a new Broadway production by the producers of Les Miz called the Pirate Queen. And Friday evening was spent with Branford Marsalis and his jazz quartet at Chicago’s symphony hall. The quartet is bolstered by two especially amazing musicians—Joey Calderazzo on piano and Jeff “Tain” Watts on drums—possibly the best in the jazz world today.

Now, since it’s nearly light, my walk and then re-packing the old suitcase.

Make it a great week everyone; even if you are slowly dying the death of a thousand pin-pricks from the millions of political ads. And I approve this message.


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