Morning all:

Quote Of The Week:

“An optimist stays up to see the new year in. A pessimist waits to make sure the old one leaves.”Bill Vaughan

Yesterday’s news-blurb mentioned that Volkswagen has reduced their work-week to 28 hours. My first reaction was, “great”. However, considering all the rain that has been falling here there is precious little to do outside and house cleaning can only go so far, therefore hanging about the workplace might not be such a bad option. Let me drink my morning java while reflecting some more on that bit.

OK, I do have a solution to the fact that it is a weekend and it is raining. I can stay under cover enough to take down the outside Christmas lights.

Marcia celebrated her birthday earlier this week in grand style. Along with our Cincinnati gang and Cathy’s mom and step-dad we did Chinese. And quite an evening it was. The Oriental Wok in Northern Kentucky is no ordinary ‘strip-mall’ Chinese hole-in-the-wall eatery. Its spectacular décor and 20 foot ceilings make you realize that you’re in for a treat. The fact Cathy’s folks are ‘first name’ VIPs with the owners ensured that the establishment pulled out all the stops. Marcia rubbing the Buda’s belly ensured that it was a perfect evening.

It so happened that Marcia had agreed to sit Marin on her birthday and I was on my last day of vacation. What better way to make use of the time but take the little guy to the local theater and see Charlotte’s Web. Marin sat on my knees, held on to the seatback in front of him, and not once took his eyes off the screen. The fact that Marcia had read the book to him prior to the outing had him thoroughly primed.

Mentioning books, that is exactly what I gave to Marcia as her birthday gift. Not any book mind you but something special. Hers is a magnificent copy of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz created by the world renowned pop-up artist, Robert Sabuda. When you open the first page and as Dorothy’s little house unfolds and the tornado starts to spin you just know you are in for a treat.

This evening I am the MC at a work event celebrating 5 – 10 – and 15 year employees. Marcia grumbles but can’t resist good company and a great meal. For me it does mean that now I need to refill my coffee and then spend a little time fine-tuning the movie I have put together as part of the event.

Make it a great week everyone: remember that when you walk into a room it is better that people say, “ah, there you are” rather than you saying, “here I am.”


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