Quote Of The Week:

“I detest life-insurance agents; they always argue that I shall some day die, which is not so.” Stephen Leacock

Before I begin with my annual news-from-the-ice-box let me explain that rambling this week in an upbeat fashion is very difficult. This week I am staring a major birthday, actually it is staring me, right in the eye: all this while unsuccessfully working to shake my head cold. With all of this happening it is good to have a few relics of all that is good next to me, among those, my morning mug of coffee.

The end of January was noted by some glib TV weather folk as “the warmest ever recorded”. I love their long range viewpoint since to them “ever” means “since we installed our latest automated quadruple Doppler radar thingamadingy”. Anyway, “ever” or not it was definitely mild.

Bam—then came February.

Temperatures have been consistently in the teens and have dipped to zero here and there. All quite manageable and even somewhat enjoyable—after all we do live here for the “change of the seasons”, or so I am often reminded.

Then Monday night, preceded by 3” or 4” of snow, came the ice storm. By morning the city, now encased with nearly a 1/2″ of ice, was shut down. Looking about it appeared as if a major wind storm had come through, trees and branches had collapsed everywhere. The 133,000 customers who had lost their electric service were not impressed. Somewhere in the midst of those 133,000 were Adrianne and Tevita.

Night one had them wake up early. The temperature inside their apartment registered 48 degrees. By noon they could see their breath. Marcia came through in the pinch and suggested that since we now have 4-wheel drive vehicles I drive over with a spare electric heater. Huh?

That night they slept at our house.

By Thursday evening the electric company proudly advertised that there were only 1829 customers remaining without power. Adrianne and Tevita were still at our house, their once cozy apartment now a solid ice cube. Actually it was quite eerie entering their deserted neighborhood and walking through absolutely dead-quiet and frozen solid rooms.

Friday morning the temperature read zero: just then, their heat kicked in.

It’s Saturday morning, a little more snow is expected, and the amazingly glittering crystal-like displays of ice encased twigs and branches are still everywhere. And, the weather dweebs are still at it. This time with a range of winter safety tips, including this pearl: “only sled on hills where there are no other sledders.”

Later this morning Marcia and I are heading over to our Findley Market area for a Cajun Crawfish Boil and some Zydego music. It is Mardi Gras after all.

Starting mid-week the first of my three brothers will arrive and stay through the coming weekend to help celebrate my birthday. By next Saturday they will all be here. I don’t know what to expect. Marcia and I are somewhat nervous.

Make it a great week everyone: remember, it was Melville who urged us to appreciate the future and with it have a zest for life, lifting us in anticipation.


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