Morning all:

Quote Of The Week:

“A true gentleman is one who is never unintentionally rude.” Oscar Wilde

In my mind’s eye I am already anticipating my first snack upon arrival – no, not something like a falafel, but a (small) course of pesto-drenched gnocchi and sauted mussels—oh wait, that was dinner last night. Anyway, in the meantime, I should get into my packing mode rather quickly, something which must first start with a morning coffee. This morning I began by opening the kilo of Tim Hortons I brought back from Canada.

This week’s quote is to help me prepare to properly set my “get ready for the airport gate agent” face; no poltroonery on my part when dealing with these folk. In a few hours the race will start. Here to New York and then a 13 hour hop into the Mid East. My past adventures with my friends at Delta have prompted me to fly Emirates Airlines or as they prefer to call it, al-Imarat. I’ll pass on a full report later. Arrival in Dubai, UAE will be tomorrow evening at 8:00 – see, just in time for gnocchi and mussels.

Over the past few months my exercise walks have ended up with nasty heel pains. This kept getting worse and also became noticeable during regular daytime activities. Since it didn’t seem to improve, even with proper warm ups, a week or so ago I hoofed it down to our nearby friendly Walking shoe store.

I was pretty impressed. The knowledge passed on to me explaining the workings of my foot quickly culminated in the sale of a couple of pair of shoes and some ‘inserty’ stuff. Next thing I knew is that for the cost of a car tune up I had a large shopping bag in my hand. As I was trying to locate my car in the parking lot found myself fighting “buyer’s remorse”, but only ever so slightly—that bit must have been the frugal Dutch in me.

The good news is that the change was almost instantaneous. A great pair of Ecco sneakers has me pounding the pavement with sheer abandon. This week I am packing a new pair of Dansko clogs for wear at a trade show where I’ll be standing on concrete (covered by a thin Persian rug or something) for hours a day. I expect that this exercise too will now be a ‘non event’, at least from the foot standpoint.

If I time all my chores and packing just right I should have time for Marcia and I to catch Tevita playing in his team’s first game of Rugby union for the season. For those of you who worry about people playing the game of Rugby, the past month or so he’s been practicing diligently and the only thing I have noticed on him are a few sprained fingers.

Make it a great week everyone: especially to Vince and Kirstin who will be celebrating their anniversary this week—stay well, stay happy, stay in love, and do all of that for many more years. Then not to forget birthday wishes for Marius, Jeanne, and Dia; may each of you season to perfection.


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