Morning all:

Quote Of The Week:

“Television enables you to be entertained in your home by people you wouldn’t have in your home.” David Frost

Television viewing, as many know, is not my highest priority, but an occasional movie that I can do. Last night Adrianne & Tevita suggested we see Wild Hogs, a marginally funny movie that when watched at the right time and with the right people becomes hilarious. So here I am, a new morning, still dark outside, coffee in hand, and I am still snickering.

And then tonight there will also be no television watching as I set out on my double secret adventure—I’ll be driving the ‘Power Shift’ with a Cincinnati Police Officer while on regular patrol. A Saturday evening, weather warming up, and on the heels of a full moon will mean no time for donuts. I’ll be thinking of Marcia who’ll at the same time be horizontal on the family room couch watching the latest Cops episode.

Travel enough and you realize that some towns are just that, some town. Nothing sticks out, nothing much redeeming, nothing much that makes you want to come back. Montreal, Québec is different, it’s a hybrid. This past week I confirmed again that I really enjoy Montreal, its ‘Quartier Chinois’ (China Town) and the Old City and port, and the many wonderful eateries. Weather on the other hand makes for the ‘hybrid’ piece, especially with a registered wind chill temperature of – 45 degrees. I was forced to walk a few blocks in this stuff and it felt like my face was being slapped by sharp cold-steel, brrrrrrrr. Now I need to stop a moment to get another Kleenex.

What is amazing is that my hotel had a heated outdoor rooftop-garden pool that stays open all year. Even more amazing is that there are guests who make use of the thing.

Back in town Marcia and I hightailed it over to Cathy and Jason’s home to visit and to hold little Dinah. She is adorable, amazingly content, and has the good fortune of having a big brother who can’t get enough of her. Back at the office I took a moment to call Vince and Kirstin. There the situation is very similar. Kellen is such a great little guy who loves nothing better than to crawl after his big brother to see how it is all done.
Sometimes I take too little time to reflect on just how lucky I am.

Make it a great week everyone: John Lennon once stated that life happens to you while busy making other plans. It might be good to stop occasionally if only to watch what is happening in our own lives.


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