Morning all:

Quote Of The Week:

“One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one’s work is terribly important.” Bertrand Russell

This was the week of Imus and the realization that the news feeding frenzy we all witnessed is in the words of Janis Joplin, something of “great import”. If you happen to think it not, the smiling faces on screen will tell that you’re wrong. Let me fill my coffee mug and I’ll carry on a bit further.

So, this was the week of Imus. Previously it was a similar stint (think ‘stink’) over the body of a woman named Nicole. Prior to that a frenzy over the firing of some attorneys—when has anyone ever been concerned over the employment of an attorney? Seinfeld once compared a 2-year old to a blender without a top. The twenty-four seven news corporations are that very same blender.

Many, many years ago Pieter took me to China. As I am occasionally wont to do on travels, I experiment on food stuffs. That China trip was no different and I was forced to make an unscheduled trip to the central hospital in Beijing. The main lobby had three elevators; none worked. The stairs to the third floor (my destination) had a spittoon on each landing.

I see our collective deliriums and newscast mania only deal with the many ‘spittoons’ that are placed in our daily lives; it also seems to me that no one is the least concerned that maybe it is the ‘elevators’ which requires some focus. Fill in the name of your prime candidate for spittoon spitter, or spittoon cleaner, or spittoon lid-lifter, the spitter who misses, or even the one who spits and causes the thing to overflow—none of them make an iota of difference to anyone’s betterment. In the end you still have an unsightly something which someone else will just end up spitting in.

So there, this is the discussion Marcia was fishing for last night.

Easter Sunday was at Adrianne and Tevita’s. These two went out of their way to garner proper South Pacific food stuffs from Jungle Jim’s International Food Market and then set about to prepare a proper Umu (earth oven dinner). The underground oven created some wonderful smoky flavors and we had an amazing family meal. I am willing to place a bet on the fact that we had the only umu in the mid-west. I am willing to bet that you all are very jealous.

Mentioning Tevita, a couple of posts ago I wrote about watching him and his team play Rugby. I even sent the family some photos of that event. Having seen these, all the ladies in the family are now convinced that the sole purpose of the game of Rugby is to give your teammate a ‘wedgy’ (click on photo for a better view). This is not so and I will happily accompany anyone to watch today’s game, if only to prove them wrong.

Mid-week I head for Orlando and next Saturday will be with Vince, Kirstin, Derek, and Kellen. I can’t wait. Maybe we can even go for a bike ride.

Make it a great week everyone: wasn’t it Robert Frost who felt that the amazing thing about the human brain was that it starts automatically in the morning and then doesn’t stop till you reach the office? I am sure glad that this is the weekend, if for no other reason then to keep my brain running.


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