Morning all:

Quote Of The Week:

“The only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was is so we can tell them about our own weekend.” Chuck Palahniuk

And, I guess that the same goes for vacations. Getting back to the office it wasn’t till I realized that almost half of us had been off last week that I understood why people weren’t asking how the other’s vacation went; too many other stories and not enough time for each of us to tell our own tale.

Marcia had the good sense to bring our own coffee maker, and so, even in a knotty-pine cabin, there was a sense of civility as I had my morning brew.

Considering the history of our nation, Canada, and our common link with Britain I am still a bit surprised how easy it is to cross the border, in our case heading for our vacation spot north of Sault Saint Marie. A question or two from the Customs official, a smile, a wave, and on you go.

It seems that in 1896 the Republicans declared in their war plan that if they won the election they would annex Canada – “with their permission!” They seemed to think that Canada was just waiting to be annexed. In 1912 we had a war plan to invade Canada. Also in 1912 the English had a magnificent war plan to mobilize our native Indian population to rise up against us, particularly in the Chicago area, while the British Navy took over the ports. It gets more and more wonderful. In 1930 we Americans had war plans against the British Navy in the Far East.

See what I mean.

Even though construction crews ‘buzzed’ about the early beginnings of what will be Paul and Dia’s new cabin, we did not let this bother us. Lunch would come and go. Happy Hour would start like clockwork at 10 minutes before 3:00, and discussions regarding dinner would start over morning coffee. In other words, we got the ‘head-clearing’ rest hoped for.

A Loon could be seen and heard daily. Paul and I spotted a Black Bear about 40’ to 50’ from us across the road. I saw several Sand Cranes and a Blue Heron. Pretty fresh bear tracks were spotted while running about on a 4-wheeler. We had a Chipmunk explore our bedroom one morning, and a field mouse would join me on the cabin couch in the evenings. In other words, it was great being where telephones did not ring and hard to find tranquility still prevailed.

Make it a great week everyone, even though it’s a bit short with this delayed posting. Thursday I will be in Florida entertaining the grandkids while Kirstin and Vince complete the move into their new home. I’ll try to post Saturday morning from Ocoee—apologies if I should miss. You’ll understand, won’t you?

A Happy Birthday to the “over the hill” crowd – Jolene and Pieter. And to Marin, a huge happy fourth big guy!



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