Morning all:

Quote Of The Week:

“The trouble with jogging is that, by the time you realize you’re not in shape for it, it’s too far to walk back.” Franklin P. Jones

Our public schools experienced an awkward moment this week—“Snow Day” closing in August. To ensure that kids pass proficiency tests they keep starting the school year earlier (jogging part). A week where we experienced a late summer heatwave with a heat index near 110 degrees forced the schools to close. Now they couldn’t turn (walking part) back to the sensible thing which would have been to start school after the Labor Day weekend in the first place.

Sorry, but I have just started my coffee and my mind still had difficulty fitting this week’s quote around the foolishness of our schools, hence those ‘clunky’ explanatory brackets.

Kirstin and Vince will be arriving here on Thursday for the long weekend. In part for just visiting, in part for our city’s Fireworks blowout, in part to experience the “changing of the seasons” which they miss in Florida. The trouble is that all week we’ve been much hotter than Florida breaking 100 every day. Also, you might have been reading about the flooding in Ohio—well in our ‘little neck of the woods’ we’re in an absolute drought. Walking on our grass feels like stepping on steel wool. No matter what, we just can’t wait for your arrival.

Now a report on my “Root Canal part Deux”. Based on the detailed explanation the doctor gave me two weeks ago I fully expected to be Velcro’ed to the ceiling tiles or be positioned into an old set of “Moon Boots”. Instead they just placed me into the regular dental chair and then calmly cranked me feet high to the point that I had to jamb my heels and butt-hairs into the chair to stop from sliding out.

An hour and twenty minutes later I was good as new. I only heard the doctor – with DDS, MS, and Likeable Guy certification – mutter “oh sh*t” one time. Today I look like I have taken up that baseball player’s hobby of placing a “little pinch between my gums and my cheek.” My cheek hasn’t turned yellow and purple yet.

Now for this week’s Airline stupidity story. Wednesday I finalized a meeting in Montreal for next Tuesday. Delta wanted nearly $1,200 for the privilege of getting me there. I am now booked to fly into Burlington, Vermont for $250 and I’ll drive the 90 miles to my customer. Does anyone have an answer as to how these clowns actually stay in business?

Happy Birthday wishes to Adrianne for reaching that age where the slide back to childhood starts. I base this on reading a new study detailing where the body stops the growth business and crests over onto the deterioration side much earlier than previously supposed – 30. Personally that must mean that I am on the steepest portion of that slope. Actually, I like Bob Dylan’s insight much better; “He not busy being born is busy dying.” Make each day one of a new birth.

Driving home last night Marcia called my mobile to inform that her truck would not start so next on my ‘to do’ list is seeing what’s wrong with that beast. After this I’ll load up Marcia’s new computer, assemble the baby bed, take a nap, and then several of us will patrol the neighborhood from 10 to midnight with Citizens on Patrol. Last Wednesday evening I was at the Police Academy for my radio certification. I can now say things such as “Patrol N.A.4.Two-Seven and Secure” (out of service and back at the station) over the airwaves. Aren’t you amazed with all this proficiency?

Make it a great week everyone.



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