Morning all:

Quote Of The Week:

“You gotta get on the Net. That’s where there’s all the best conspiracy theories. Did you know that Hezbollah owns Little Dolly Snack Cakes? This stuff will rock your world.” Homer Simpson

After a whole week of testimony and testiness in Washington I made the mistake of reading our newspaper’s “letters to the editor”. Folks, there’s a lot of wackiness out there. So, here is your morning bit of sanity, fuelled by my freshly brewed java.

Let’s look at a bit of the real America. As you may remember, a week ago Jason and I were in Vermont. Starting out last Saturday morning we agreed that we’d have breakfast at a local establishment—no fast food or national chains for us. Soon Jason spotted a likely looking place set back from the road (he was starving and would have zeroed in on a cow barn – and that is saying something for a longstanding vegan).

Two bright young women greeted us, offered us our morning start from a selection of eight differing coffees and a variety of bagels. I had spotted a wonderfully made old bird house sitting quite forlornly on the adjacent front porch and commented on it. Without hesitation our coffee barista said “would you like it?” Probably with some embarrassment I stuttered that yes I’d love to bring it home to my wife, but that was not really what I had meant. Soon we pulled out with the little house in the car’s cargo area.

The next time you are in Vermont make certain you stop in at The Village Cup in Jericho, Vermont and say “hi” to Kim.

Ever wonder how a rugby team from a tiny country such as Tonga can compete in Rugby’s World Cup playoffs? I’ll bet that a number of you are right now jumping up and down yelling “here, here, ask me, ask me.”

Something such as:

Tevita: “Practice real hard doing head-buts.”

Adrianne: “I’ve seen you practice that way and no, not on my watch will they practice that ridiculous move.”

Me: “The real answer is in the food, give them something like 60 pounds of roast lamb, add, oh, say 30 chickens, another 60 pounds of beef, and add about 40 liters of OJ. Then you’ll be certain to field a winning team. A team which, when lined up, will block out the sun!”

Oh yes, do believe me: Tonga On-Line

Monday morning before six in the morning Marcia and I will be at the airport heading for the Dominican Republic or Republica Dominicana as they prefer to call it. I have been busy writing a small technical paper to be presented. Marcia has been busy going through a stack of books with titles such as Lonely Planet and National Geographic Traveler. I guess we’re starting out with differing agendas. Assuming connectivity, I’ll post from there next Saturday and share some details.

Make it a great week. Do exactly what I believe old ‘Uncle Milte’ Berle once said: If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.



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