Quote Of The Week:

“Remember to tuck the shower curtain inside the bathtub” Conrad Hilton

You might go “huh?” regarding the morning quote. It’s there because, in a way, it’s an expression of love. Another such an expression occurs when your wife fixes you a dish of Curried Kashmir Spinach with Paneer Cheese and does so while she herself gags at the sight of it. Thanks Marcia.

The coffee maker gives a tiny screech at the end of the brewing cycle. I just noted how loud it sounds in the early morning hours when everything is still.

Because of the dozens of requests about the status of Morgan the cat, let me update – something I normally don’t do: yes, she does have Feline Hyperthyroidism and for the past week has been on medication. In one week she has filled out, her fur has become sleek and manageable, and she has stopped performing a whirling dervish.

In the middle of the Indian Summer that wouldn’t quit, last weekend all of us went to visit a pumpkin patch. Cars and all we took a small ferry boat across the Ohio River and into Kentucky. The most prized pumpkins were the ones taken from the field with several feet of foliage still attached. This was followed by an afternoon on the deck at our house enjoying pumpkin carving, bagels, apple cider, and each other’s company. I hope that your weekend was as fulfilling.

All week there was a very large pick-up truck parked in front of our house. Thursday evening as I started my walk I played my flashlight on the thing. The license plate had expired several months back lending credence to my thinking that it was abandoned. Nine PM I logged onto the city web site to the “request a service” area and reported a “junk vehicle”.

Six hours later the city sprung into action.

At three AM Marcia and I awoke to the sound of talking, an idling diesel engine, and many flashing lights. Since none of the above went away I eventually got up. Standing on the front porch I became party to watching a cruiser, and a tow truck trying to move the abandoned truck. Eventually a second truck had to be called to assist.

But that is not the real story.

The real story is about the adaptability of man. Confirming, once again, that humans will outlive even cockroaches if earthly conditions take a serious nose-dive. Things such as climate change, etc., will have maximum effect (i.e. death) on the scurrying little six legged critters—man will survive.

To state that the tow truck driver was “portly” would be kind. Since I used the word “über” as an adjective last week I won’t do that again, but you get the idea.

The driver was completely incapable of bending over. Now, it is my understanding that in the field of towing junk cars it is imperative that chains be placed at various points underneath the vehicle. Every time I have seen this task performed the tow driver bends over, selects a likely spot, and places the hook.

This driver had adapted completely. I have never seen a person so absolutely dexterous with his feet. All he did was step back a few paces, assess the situation with only a slight leaning of his body, and step back alongside the vehicle. Then his feet went into motion, small, deft, flicking motions.

And he was fast. Very fast.

It was amazing to watch.

Yesterday we again had a clear view of our neighbor’s yard. Now that I think about it, maybe the sight of the truck wasn’t so bad after all.

Make it a great week. Think things through before you ask.



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