Morning all:

Quote Of The Week:

“For a list of all the ways technology has failed to improve the quality of life, please press three.” Alice Kahn

Every time there is a short electrical brownout I have to get the coffeemaker’s manual out to, once again, relearn how to set up the machine in automatic mode. This morning I made my coffee manually – load water, load coffee, push ‘on’ button.

One of my highlights this week was the opportunity to spend a couple of hours playing around on the field of the RCA Dome in Indianapolis, home of the Indianapolis Colts.

Most of it was spent chatting and eating Hors D’oeuvres. But, we did toss a football. More importantly, I had the opportunity to kick the ball, from the ‘tee’ at 30 yards out, and through the uprights.

30 yards out is a huge distance.

I was wearing dress shoes, but nevermind, since, in my mind at least, I am still the athlete. And so I not only tried, but knew I was going to succeed.

I just knew I could succeed because, not many years ago, it was nothing for me to jump on my bicycle and pedal 400 miles on a long weekend. Okay, it was a bunch of years ago, but not too many bunches. Then also, I played soccer for over five years, so placing a good kick was really a natural. I have the legs!

30 yards out is an even longer distance when you stand all puny like on the field and size up what you need to accomplish.

Four paces away I started my approach. Placed one mighty kick square on the ball. Then felt major pain throughout my leg and especially my foot.

The ball went up in a perfect arc and went straight as an arrow that headed directly for the uprights. It took a perfect bounce and flipped forward.

The ball came to rest just before the 5-yard line.

30 yards out is really a huge distance.

The next day I was sitting in on a meeting taking notes. My foot was still sore. My throwing arm had a dull ache every time I moved it. I could barely hang on to my pen. But, I had played in the RCA Dome and that was all that counted.

Being in Indianapolis made me miss Halloween at home. Actually, what it did was missing seeing the grandkids smiling faces on Halloween.

To the wonders of digital photography and email – thanks.

To parents who feel that work is super important and that missing an ‘event’ due to business is something you can catch up on—you can’t and won’t.

Kids grow up way too fast. Make certain that you’re around to enjoy and witness their thrill during moments such as dressing up for Halloween. This time will pass soon enough.

Make it a great week. I believe it was Milton Berle who once observed that laughter could be an instant vacation—so join in.



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