Morning all:

Quote Of The Week:

” Well, I had a wonderful evening. It just wasn’t tonight.” Groucho Marx

Actually, I did enjoy the company as I spent last evening in the brisk autumn air while walking my local Citizens on Patrol beat. I could have used some coffee to warm up afterwards – but didn’t (sleep concerns). This morning’s brew is quite tasty.

Do any of you have little travel quirks? Last Saturday Marcia and I drove back from Michigan and I gave thought to our little foibles. Let me explain that we enjoy smaller ‘ma-and-pa’ places for comfort food. Our quirk is that we’ll time our travel to ensure that we’ll be able to stop at a previously discovered ‘favorite’ place for a bite to eat. Some people would call that “old folk who are set in their ways.” Anyway, if you’re around the upper portion of Indiana be sure to try the Log House Restaurant located right along Route 31 in Argos, and give Pat or Robin my best.

Arriving back into town I didn’t head for home. Instead, Marcia dropped me off at the kid’s house where I transferred cars and all raced off to the city’s annual Balluminaria. A windless and perfectly clear cold evening made for a perfect hot air balloon glow event. Eleven hot-air balloons tethered around a mirror lake make for a stunning sight. Marin made great use of my shoulders, and as we stood looking up into the envelope of one of the 70 foot tall balloons the pilot gave it a burst of flame. Some things are just too good.

A night or two ago I escaped Marcia’s obsession for watching a TV dancing show finale by going for a walk. About a mile from home, in the light of a partial moon and the minimal lights of our gas street lights, I heard an owl. Remember, I have my iPod cranked, and easily penetrating the sound of the podcast I was listening to was the unmistakable “ho-ho-hoo hoo hoo” sound of this owl.

I have seen many a picture of an owl in a tree, however seeing a bird the size of a dog sitting in a mighty eighty foot tree was remarkable. Artists sometimes use graph paper to upsize the scale of an object—what I saw could have been such a scaling. Based on the distinct ear tufts that were visible even in the shadows it was an adult great horned owl.

I stopped and for a while sat on the edge of the curbing with my feet in the street. The owl kept calling and its deep voice reverberated through the neighborhood. I sat twisted around with my neck craned upward; sort of an exact reverse image of Lt. Horatio Caine’s (David Caruso’s character in CSI Miami) predilection to always look downward over his shoulder. Such an angle is not comfortable. Cold becomes noticeable rather quickly sitting on near frozen concrete. I packed it in and went home.

Some houses away I could still hear the bird calling for a mate.

Make it a great week. I am getting dressed so that Marcia, Marin, and I can head over to the local Nature Center where my company’s Christmas Party will be held this afternoon. After all, ‘tis the Season.



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