Morning all:

Quote Of The Week:

” How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?” Dr. Seuss

Greetings from this fugitive from the ‘Slush-Belt’, currently hanging out on the edge of Napa Valley, in Davis, California. Mid-winter wine tasting is wonderful!

Leaving for the airport on roads covered with road-salt had the car finish looking like the rim on a Margarita. Now that I think about it, the sight of Marcia and I driving in a large cocktail glass couldn’t be all bad.

Pieter & Jeanne are amazing at the ‘hosting’ thing, starting with Pieter juicing a dozen fresh oranges in the morning. But, the real question I have is where is the coffee? With 20-pound bags of fresh orange fruit lounging about it took a bit to discover a well hidden small can of coffee—finally success!

As is usual for visits, the best parts are the sitting around talking. Yesterday was no exception. However, we spent a chunk of the day driving around the countryside passing through and exploring historic old river towns – all connected via miles of river-edge levees; small narrow curving roads twenty to thirty feet above the surrounding landscape. This leads to the real reason for us taking these little by-ways.

Pieter is a photographer. Currently his quest is a series showing the small memorial crosses and shrines found along roadways; each commemorating the life of an accident victim at the scene of the occurrence. What better place than driving along small narrow, curvy, tree-lined roads where every few miles we’d quickly spot another one.

Oh yes, with vineyards all around we did stop for a little wine tasting. Now that I think about it, there is a good chance that those named on these little memorials were once on these very same curvy roads also going about the business of a ‘little’ wine tasting. Whoops.

Normally I stay out of politicking and the political fray in my ramblings. However, this election cycle is extremely interesting in that, for really the very first time, my kids are in the mood to discuss the laudable traits of their favorite candidate. I love it! So here is my quandary for this coming election, as of this morning, there are three choices. First choice is the exculpation of Bill, another candidate is 70 years old, while the remaining one is an inspirational empty suit. Since it is my birthday this weekend, a birthday that by sheer numbers has the AARP wondering why I am still hanging around as a dues payer, my choice is obvious.

By the way, the oldest signer of the Declaration of Independence, at age 70, was Benjamin Franklin. Besides being one of my heroes he was also, I daresay, one of the most influential of the signatories.

But, the aging thing does bring about a whole differing set of dilemmas. I am discovering that I have to pay more attention to the normal and simple routines of life. Take for example Marcia and me leaving the house for the airport. Not wanting to wake her up too early I got myself organized by the glow of a nightlight; quite kind of me and so far nothing abnormal.

Fast forward to the airport. We cleared security and while waiting to board decided to head for the restrooms. Marcia went while I watched our luggage. Then it was my turn. Returning it was my silly grin which gave her a clue that something was up. Within seconds she had the whole truth. Standing in that restroom I discovered that all my fumbling about was caused by the fact that in the dark I had put my boxers on backwards.

So you see it’s the common little things which will get you.

This weekend is also Derek’s birthday, in fact today is his fifth. Derek, you have the best day ever and I just know that your party will be wonderful. Now that you are five I just know that you are really ready for Kindergarten. Make it a great week.



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