Morning all:

Quote Of The Week:

“We especially need imagination in science. It is not all mathematics, nor all logic, but it is somewhat beauty and poetry.” Maria Montessori

Around three o’clock yesterday afternoon I happened to look at the time and grunted that I was ready for the weekend. At five my desk-phone rang announcing the arrival of a weekend-long storm of a different kind. I best enjoy my morning coffee while there is some calm to be had.

This is the weekend that the Cincinnati School System holds its registrations. A non issue….unless. Unless, you want your child registered in one of the quality “magnet” schools. Thirty plus years ago the city established a series of these magnet schools. Among them, several foreign language specific schools, Paideia – critical thinking, fine arts, college preparatory, and Montessori. Now, getting your child into these is much more than just walking in the front door.

Preparing to start Marin in Kindergarten next fall, Cathy and Jason explored different schools for days on end and finally selected a nearby (to us) Montessori school as the one of choice. The Montessori school they want has just 37 openings this year. Yesterday, at 5:00 pm, people showed up and began to form a line to register their tyke. Registration starts at 6:00 am on Monday—first come, first served!

The phone call I received yesterday at 5 was by design. Adrianne, on her way home from work, was to swing by the school to see if a line had started. If so, she was going to jump into line and call me. I then ran home to change and gulp some food then relieve her. Jason then got ready to prepare for the long overnight haul. All weekend we’ll swap out and rotate warm bodies into the line.

As I am writing, Jason is sleeping in a little tent he’s put up near the school door preserving his spot in the queue.

As soon as I post this I’ll wander over to the school grounds to retrieve his frozen body.

Today’s temperature, bearable. Tomorrow’s, bone chilling.

Marin is in the number two position, we can’t quit now!

If you remember, last Sunday was the Super Bowl game. We were expected to be at a party by six, so this left my day wide open. All week I had noticed a slight drip in the sink of our little downstairs bathroom, plenty of time to put a new washer in the faucet—it’s a male thing.

An hour and a half later I was at Home Depot buying a brand new faucet. To replace the old one required four nuts be removed, all cramped in a three-finger wide space tucked behind the sink and the wall. Two came of in minutes.

Two hours later I had the sink off the wall. The third nut lost its fighting spirit and then came off quite readily. Meanwhile nut number four had been happily bathing in WD-40 oil, and now I was ready to tackle it.

One hour later Marcia threw me out of the house, just because by then I was merrily chiseling the nut off. I still do not believe that the noise created by my hammer whacking the chisel to be all that unbearable.

Forty-five minutes before we had to leave for our party the sink, complete with a shiny new faucet, was back in place. I turned the shut-off valves back on and after one quick spurt the new faucet stopped cold, not even a drip. It’s been that way all week. Between this weekend’s school registration queue relief duties I’ll find the time to tackle the thing.

Marcia was not exactly thrilled with the progress made. Personally, I was quite relieved that I had to leave on a business trip to Chicago the next day.

Make it a great week everyone.



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