Morning all:

Quote Of The Week:

“Another flaw in the human character is that everybody wants to build and nobody wants to do maintenance.” Kurt Vonnegut

As we taxpayers collectively are approaching something a bit shy of three digits in age, I happened to spot a USA Today article earlier this week: $59,100,000,000,000.00 is what USA Today reports our national Social Security-Medicaid debt to be. And because accepted standard accounting rules are not applied, this debt is not only a totally unfunded but is also hidden as a budget liability. What it means is that we are now on the hook for a record $59.1 trillion; that amount is said to be equal to $516,348 for every U.S. household and is 85% of all taxpayer liabilities.

Representative Jeff Flake of Arizona hit the nail on the head when earlier this week he was quoted as saying: “Sometimes, here in Washington, we tend to drink our own bath water and believe our own press releases.” Since I am getting closer to moving away from the ‘payer’ ranks, and since I cannot comprehend these numbers anyway, I might as well move to the ‘payee’ bracket while I have the chance. I should make my morning coffee extra strong this morning just to help chew and swallow this reality.

Completing the final piece of my grand physical exam puzzle – which I should have taken a year ago – last Thursday I drank my Hemlock potion. Unlike Socrates who used it as an escape from his students (this is a joke for my teacher friends who might be/should be retiring this year, before any of you accuse me of mangling historical facts); mine was strictly as an aid to prepare for yesterday’s scoping exam.

It’s been a while since I was actually graded for performance. The last time I remember doing just fine. Therefore, it was quite ‘deflating’ to say the least, when, on my colonoscopy report card, I received a failing grade on the ‘cleansing’ portion of the exam. Well excuuuuse me, preparing for this event is not like brushing your teeth and being able to check the mirror to see if there is still a missed teeny-weensy bit of spinach stuck somewhere.

There are certain individuals whose names have to be recorded as true heroes of civilization. I am thinking of those intrepid inventors of a variety of world-changing items; the paperclip, the wheel, the electric light, the indoor “loo”, the printing press, the electric grid, antibiotics, the telephone, the mechanical clock, birth control, and Marcia would add her new washing machine and dishwasher. Personally I would want to add to this list the individual who discovers the non-intrusive test for the very intrusive one I had yesterday—in a heartbeat.

I am so ready to enjoy this first weekend of summer. Our television weenies claim that the weather will be stunning and so far they are spot on. The city will celebrate with the annual “Taste of Cincinnati”. This offers friendly crowds, thirty plus food stands, lots of music venues, Marcia’s annual cream puff gorging extravaganza. And me? I will keep my eyes peeled for the naked singing cowboy strolling about.

Talking about television, I have to remember that there are now only 268 days left before our old analog Sony TVs become useless. Marcia and I belong to that smallish group of dinosaurs who get along quite swimmingly flicking our remotes among the six channels our little rooftop antenna collects. We haven’t seen fit supporting the cable company paying an inflated bill to get these same channels, a couple of ones I cannot get over the air, and a trunk-load of “access” channels so that I can get to view a Podunksville Town Council meeting. This being much like reading the annual report of company I have no interest in—boring.

Amidst all, this long Memorial Day weekend take at least a moment to acknowledge all those who have served to protect us; military, police, and fire personnel. Their effort, year in and year out, around the clock, have protected us from tyranny in a macro way, and in a micro and immediate way, make our daily lives safer and better.

Make it a great week. If you try sometime, you just might find, you get what you need. (Rolling Stones—sort of)



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