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Quote Of The Week:

“I want to thank all the Canadians who came out today to wave to me – with all five fingers!” President George W. Bush (during his first visit to Ottawa Nov. 30, 2004)

(backup)Quote Of The Week:

“I don’t even know what street Canada is on.” Al Capone

Yesterday morning at 10:30 Marcia and I sat in a ‘barrister’s’ office in the town of Bruce Mines, Ontario – population 600. We had just driven 35 miles from Paul’s cabin to this little outpost of civilization.

Here we found ourselves stepping back in time as we sat in offices that are normally only seen in a period Hollywood movie from the thirties. Walls were filled with books, and papers-filled boxes, all assembled by our attorney, his grandfather and father, all who had provided legal services to the folk of the North-woods.

We were led through the legal maze of property purchasing. Each page we signed was dutifully explained. Then came the blockbuster. The attorney advised us that Canada had recently gone electronic and that the property registration would be complete and in our name by 2 in the afternoon. Shortly before two his secretary called to inform that we were now the legal owners of our new cabin!

I know that there are readers of this ramble who speculate the “why would they want to drive way “out there?”” There are a number of reasons:
— The climate – cold for eight months, heaven for four
— The stunning views and skies
— The opportunity to view nature – Tuesday Marcia saw a momma bear and two cubs, Thursday we both saw a yearling black-bear cub from about 30’ feet away.
— Paul stopped the car so we could see a herd of 14 Elk
— The distant warbling of a Loon and another diving for fish in front of the cabin
— Fox, deer, porcupine, and an occasional Moose.
— Five o’clock happy hour.
— Amazing storm fronts as they (very) occasionally roll in from the North
— and, my sister-in-law swears this is true, a six-foot Sturgeon crossing the road.

Make it a great week. Kellen and Marin, may your birthdays be the best ever – we’ll talk soon.



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