Morning all:

Quote Of The Week:

“The most remarkable thing about my mother is that for thirty years she served the family nothing but leftovers. The original meal has never been found.” Calvin Trillin

Aside from being with family, one of the best things about our family gathering in the north is that time when worry about too many leftovers begins. That is when some of my favorite meals are served—made from leftovers. This morning my great mug of Tim Hortons coffee is the memory link to a truly wonderful week. Thanks Paul and Dia for hosting.

Our twelve hour drive on Thursday brought us home to a musty house, an empty refrigerator, and a pair of manic cats (don’t worry, they were well looked after). It was the completion of a month’s worth of travel through the southern hemisphere (Argentina & Uruguay) and into the northland (Canada).

Some people (or parts thereof) travel a bunch after they’re dead. Marcia and I wanted to reverse that process and do the traveling while we’re able to enjoy it. However, I believe that in under a month Marcia and I traveled more than Evita Perón’s body and Napoleon’s penis combined.

Eva made the rounds extensively after her demise. And, reputedly removed during the autopsy, so goes the twisted tale of the general’s privates which traveled far and wide from various auction houses to currently reside in a renowned urologist’s office at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.

The cabin we bought was sold “as is” and “complete”. This is realtor jargon that means that the previous owner locked the door for the last time and walked away. We knew this and accepted it. After many trips to the dump and the offering of items to some locals, Marcia dragged home bag after bag of “useables”. Yesterday, I do not believe our washer and dryer stopped any longer than it takes to swap out a load.

The fact that the several feet high pile of stuff is no longer hanging about the front entry way means that we are gaining control of the situation.

Now I best get ready to start practicing my “yes dear” phrasing. In a short while it will be the start of our neighborhood’s annual yard sale. Here is where I will be sent back into the house time and again to retrieve another “hot” sale item. Personally, the yard sale is near the bottom of my list of ‘great things to do in life’. The saving grace is that this one is then followed by the annual summer block party. Maybe if we’re lucky our Syrian neighbor will set up his Hookah collection and I can enjoy a puff and a cold beer.

Since we missed Marin’s 5th birthday earlier in the week we’ll celebrate this evening. The gang will be over and the kids will be bubbling over with excitement. In Buenos Aires Marcia and I bought some little puzzles from a street vendor. Now we’ll get to see if a barely 5 year old can beat his Opa in solving them.

Make it a great week. Happy birthday Pieter – we’re looking forward to your visit later this week.



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