Morning all:

Quote Of The Week:

“Three little sentences that will get you through life. Number 1: Cover for me. Number 2: Oh, good idea, Boss! Number 3: It was like that when I got here.” Homer Simpson

Marcia, “because I went to bed early”, was up before me and made the morning coffee (which I am now enjoying). There is something said for having one’s coffee made—I could get used to it. I believe that a place, which only sells coffee, could actually make a go of it.

The first thing Marcia noticed in the kitchen was that the cat bowls were absolutely licked clean – a first for these finicky beasts. It then occurred to her to call up to our house guest – “Shang the scavenger dog”.

I was waking up and noticed that Shang was laying on the floor next to the bed – very quiet, tail making only a very occasional flick. When I got up he was like glue at my feet. A direct order to go downstairs meant five steps towards the stairs and then he lay down to stare at the wall.

Marcia and I are no dummies and quickly put two and two together. Shang is no dummy either, he knew; he’s just a minimalist in self control.

The reason we’ve got Shang as a guest is that Adrianne was ordered to the hospital directly from a regularly scheduled appointment. So far so good for both her and baby, we’ll gain better perspective later in the day.

Rather than getting into specifics over the web just give Marcia a call. Feel free to call me but since I tend to explain ‘how the watch was made’ when asked for the time, you’re better off checking in with Marcia.

Keep Adrianne in your thoughts and prayers.

The 2008 Olympics started last night. This brought to the forefront a difference in thinking between Marcia and me. She is glued to our (a step beyond Black and White) television set. I have chosen the route of a personal boycott and not watch the spectacle.

I did see small bits of the opening ceremony and agree it was stunning.

However, I have to stick with my beliefs and in this case I agree with the more public boycott of the events by international groups such as Reporters sans frontières, human rights watch, etc.

The Chinese government’s treatment of its own people, their crackdown in Tibet, their support of the Myanmar Junta, especially in light of the recent natural disaster in Burma, religious persecution, all these portray to the world the real picture. Even the Chinese government reneging on a promise of open internet access to reporters covering the Olympics becomes a small piece of the total picture.

As a bit of a news junky, for the past twenty years it’s been article after article dealing with demonstrations of absolute roughshod control over the Chinese individual. Almost like a desperate attempt that to extend the human freedoms we hold for granted will cause a weakening of power of the governing elite.

Hookay, sorry, this morning it’s a bit more of a rant than a ramble, but so it goes.

Make it a great week. Happy birthdays to Kelton and to Nick M., and don’t forget about Adrianne and Tevita.



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