Good evening all:

Quote Of The Week:

“The third Presidential debate ended with neither candidate making any huge mistakes, which is exactly the nothing they set out to do. Well done, candidates! Now take that “don’t do” attitude to the White House!” — Shoebox

For some silly reason I woke up thinking about the old (first three) movies of the Star Wars trilogy. The character Yoda is one of my favorites. So here, in my very best Yoda voice and syntax; “Of steaming fresh ground coffee I just love that very first morning mug. Be ready, the force is with us, smarter in mind yes, are we. Yesss, yesss”

Hey Nick V. – my nephew who also is our family’s resident Star Wars aficionado – did I do that right?

Actually the morning I referred to is Friday morning since I am getting this normally ‘start of weekend’ post together the eve prior. I’ll explain. Based on what it was today – weatherwise. And, with what the television weather-kinderen (young weatherettes who all talk in difficult to appreciate childlike and horrifically nasal voices) are predicting for Saturday, it promises to be a stunning day in the ‘Nati. This means that I want to get out and walk in it, so, forgive me if this post is briefer than usual.

Actually by 8:30 in the morning Marcia and I will be moving at speed. Along with Cathy & Jason and the kids, as well as Adrianne & Tevita, we’ll be heading for a farm about an hour’s drive away—to pick apples (and not just out of some half-peck basket mind you). Cathy decided it was time to re-live a childhood memory of picking apples. What better way to spend a beautiful autumn day, but to enjoy the outdoors and come back with handpicked fruit and possibly a pumpkin or two.

The afternoon will be at neighbors enjoying their annual fish-fry. Our host, a retired local university provost as well as past president of the area NAACP chapter, is an avid fisherman. From early spring on, he and a buddy head out almost every morning at the crack of dawn to go fishing. His wife, who turned way too young on her last birthday, dutifully freezes every catch. Tomorrow there will be enough fish and fixings for a hundred or so folk. The inside of the house will be filled as will the backyard. Today an overflow tent was put up in their front yard.

Then, not to forget, sister-in-law Sandy will be in town for 22 hours. So, of course, time will be made to meet at the hospital and have her be properly introduced to our little Ms. Vai.

Talking about visitors, last weekend sister-in-law Jeanne blew in from the west coast. We quickly organized a deck party with all the kids, including her local gang on Sunday. I got the outside done up right (Marcia did the food stuff and Jeanne emptied the contents of a Trader Joe’s). The front yard held the croquet set. The drive became the corn-hole game area, and the backyard was reserved for soccer (until the ball sprung a leak) and horseshoes. What a blast.

Sorry about mainly listing a litany of events, something I swore I’d never do, but that’s what it’s been like now that I am retired. Tuesday Marcia and I leave for Los Vegas where I have been invited to give the keynote address to a software company user group. Till next Saturday, then from the city of Lost Wages in the hot desert sands. Is it still the land of hot real-estate? That last bit was a joke in case anyone does not catch the news.

During this election time, I believe it was Fran Lebowitz who once said that polite conversation is rarely either. I’ll keep my mouth shut for the next two weeks.

I hope I can fall asleep – some excellent music from a party down the street is wafting through – the Stones’ “Forty Licks” CD is playing if you must know.

Make it a great week, remember, strive to be “Mother’s Little Helper”.



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