Good morning all:

Quote Of The Week:

“Time is that quality of nature which keeps events from happening all at once. Lately it doesn’t seem to be working.” — Anonymous

A year and a half ago, for my birthday, Marcia bought me a top-of-the-line Krups coffee maker. For a year and a half I treated it like a princess. Once I even went so far as to de-scale it, although realize that this is a very ugly job. Friday morning, I swear, more water ran out from under the machine than was poured into it. My love affair ended abruptly.

Yesterday there was a new princess to the kitchen. This time it is a DCC-1200 made by Cuisinart.

This morning my mug of morning coffee tastes better than ever.

Please note, the name Krups is now just a vague memory. Oh how quickly we forget.

With our extended stay in Canada and work requirements the Deux Chevaux (Our Duck) had not been driven much. All that changed last week. Perfect weather and a local art fair and farmers market had us driving it all over – top down. I got totally brave and we proceeded to buy our groceries using the ‘Duck’. Even going so far as taking a four lane highway home—and, are you ready, reaching 52 miles per hour!

Marcia, in the passenger seat, was all, NO DIRK, STAY ON THE TWO LANE ROADS, DON’T DO IT!

I understand that there is a Dutch Deux Chevaux owner’s club whose motto is, “Zero to 50 in the same day”.


Marcia and I have finally remembered the entry code into the NICU at Good Samaritan hospital. This has literally opened doors for us. Since we’re only a few minutes drive from the place, we’ve taken advantage to visit with Vaioleti. The medical staff now knows us as little Miss Vai’s Oma and Opa.

Meanwhile at work, Adrianne was asked a question. A coworker asked her how her parents met. Somewhat puzzled Adrianne asked the “why” question.

“Oh” was the response, “we were just wondering how someone with the name of ‘Opa’ happened to meet someone else named ‘Oma’”.

Adrianne chuckled and explained that these were not formal names just Dutch for Grandma and Grandpa. It’s a global world out there, it just hasn’t reached the ‘Nati yet.

Recognizing that it was a wild news week, all I can say is: “don’t worry about the $ 8 trillion your 401K handed over to a handful of money managers as part of their severance package, it’s only money. Besides, much of it has already been given to our Congressional monarchy for re-election purposes, and heaven knows they can use it.”

And, to make it all better, the Presidential candidates are busily promising each and every one of us a “chicken in every pot” via one pittance hand-out scheme or another.

Dr. Walter Williams, on the faculty of George Mason University as John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics and a columnist, recently wrote a blockbuster column. During these politically charged days, filled with promises that have no chance of being fulfilled, do take a few minutes to gain some insight from one of today’s major thinkers.

Then, make it a great week.



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