Good morning all:

Quote Of The Week:

“Governments never learn. Only people learn.” — Milton Friedman

Good morning. Last evening at my formal retirement party Cheryl gave me a Barnes & Noble gift card – books and a Starbucks coffee bar. This morning I thought twice, either race up the road to B&N; or brew my own batch. Since I am sitting here in my formal but flannel Moose lounging pants drinking my morning coffee, guess which way I chose?

The outdoor party last night was great. It was an evening of lots of wonderful food and talk, and much jealousy—for me. A 47” flat screen showed a slide show of photos that had been sneakily assembled. The collective favorites were shots showing yours truly from the early ‘70s with reddish shoulder-length hair and a 4” red goatee. I can totally see why Marcia went absolutely wild. I fail to see why her folks had some reservation.

In real estate the saying is location, location, location. In sales it is often: timing. The ‘timing’ thing also carries over into other areas. Earlier this week our immediate neighbors had a party to beat all parties. In preparation their house was painted. Their lawn re-sodded. Their carpets professionally cleaned. Marcia and I were fully convinced that this was prep work for a Sarah Palin fund raiser – with her present. In fact, we got our camera and scope ready.

Finally, orange cones were placed in front of our houses, and, dressed in crisp white shirts with black suspenders, a Valet Parking crew took up their positions. We just knew that in our Obama liberal neighborhood Sarah would come to save the day. Then, right about this time, directly across the street, out of nowhere, an early garbage day item appeared curbside. There, surrounded by green lawn under a perfect fall sky, sat a huge shining white porcelain toilet. The timing was just too perfect!

Sarah never showed.

Tevita and I will shortly be off for the Red Bull Soapbox Derby race. It will be run on the steep hills of our Mt Adams historic area. This is an adult version of the better known pre-teen derby races. This one is done in costume, crazily built vehicles, and at high speed on a curved course. Should be a great time.

Vai is finally growing, up to 2 pounds 10 ounces. A small step backwards has her down 3 ounces. The morning report is good. I believe that she has collected herself and is again starting to plod forward.

Make it a great week. Don’t worry about the just inherited $ 700 billion debt, it’s only money.



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