Good morning all:

Quote Of The Week:

“I’m living so far beyond my income that we may almost be said to be living apart.” — e e cummings

Things are still quiet in the house on Great Birch Drive in Ocoee. This means I’ll write this post in my room and wait a bit before the coffee goes on.

Seconds later – I heard Vince moving about and decided to be social and say good morning. This has led into a “pick-up-the-toys” moment. Then it was a few seconds of “time out” to make the coffee. So, here in central Florida, things are now back to normal. And, yes, I am enjoying my first cup of the morning.

Last Sunday I landed in southwest Florida to spend a few days with George and Sandy who graciously put up with me inviting myself. Then it was off to Ocoee for a week with Vince, Kirstin and Derek and Kellen. Yesterday we celebrated Derek’s 6th at one of the many great kid friendly parks, complete with pizza, bubble blowing, sidewalk chalk, and a Darth Vader piñata as part of the Star Wars theme.

Earlier on the whole event came into doubt when we noted Derek being a bit ‘punky’ and having a 101+ degree temperature. He recovered enough to enjoy the event—whew! (he did lose it during the night, but appears to be beyond it this morning – I definitely spoke too soon as we just finished up with hot rags, much cleaning fluid, and a steam carpet scrubber). Raising kids does have its challenges.

Also, it was great to see niece Heather and hubby Gene and their little Adriana at the party. They drove a couple of hours for a short visit. Meeting Adriana for the first time in person, after seeing her several times on a Skype connection, proved that technology does work and she and I were immediately best buddies – I am now her ‘Oom Opa’.

Thanks George and Sandy for your hospitality. George and I drove to Ft. Meyers to visit the winter home of Thomas Edison. He and his buddies Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone built adjacent homes and collaborated on a number of projects.

What is fascinating is seeing what these innovators and drivers-of-industry were up to only a short century ago laying the foundation for the technologies we’re enjoying today—and how primitive that all their innovations look through our twenty-first century eyes. It was a fascinating journey everyone should take when visiting the area.

Now, time to spend a little more time with the grandkids, make it a great week everyone.



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