Good morning all:

Quote Of The Week:

“I still need more healthy rest in order to work at my best. My health is the main capital I have and I want to administer it intelligently.” — Ernest Hemingway

Time for my morning mug of coffee, it’s finally starting to taste good again. Especially now that the crocuses have begun to bloom.

It really is very early this Saturday morning; this being the result of a nearby, major league, spousal hacking cough. I am nearly finished with the cold thing, Marcia is in the thick of it. Not only that, but she has a key disadvantage. She seemingly cannot help herself by doing anything ‘cold-soothing’ related.

Tea and some honey? “You know I don’t do tea.” How about Alka-Seltzer Cold? “You know I can’t do that stuff.” How about some warm water with honey and fresh lemon juice? “Yuck, no, you know I can’t stand that.” So I guess her option is to just ride this one out. Happy trails dear.

Marcia’s brother has been spending a few nights in the hospital. This was due to a heavier than prescribed dose of Nyquil which then kick started his heart into some wild overdrive gear. He’ll be fine, but I hear that his in-hospital disposition is being described by his broad-abeam Russian nursing staffer as surly. He does have an excuse as I envision his frame jammed into some little flowery open backed hospital gown. Nevertheless, watching Marcia deal with her cold symptoms, could this “surly” business be a familial thing? DNA or environmental? Do I really want my head snapped at?

Is everyone happy with the way the market roared back this week? I hope it’s just not a “dead cat bouncing”, but the possibility that bottom was reached. In any case we should all be thrilled that thanks to the just signed “Spendulus” package each of us has now pocketed $16,000. I suspect that the biggest thing that congress’ “borrow and spend our way to prosperity” scheme will do is position us for a round of inflation. But that’s another story. In the meantime, I sure do hope that shyster signs such as in the one in the photo, taken around the corner from Kirstin’s home, will quickly fade into history.

Yesterday Cathy sat little Vaioleti. Because of this I picked Marin up from school. Walking in the door he spotted Vai in his mom’s arms and ran over. Bending down a bit so that he could make good eye contact Marin made his best Kindergartener’s “funny face.” And Vai started belly laughing. Not once, but five times. Each time Marin crossed his eyes and wiggled his nose Vai broke out with snorts of laughter.

This whole little scene absolutely floored me. Just about six months ago Vaioleti came in this world at 26 weeks weighing 1 pound 14 ounces. Her due date was December 5 and that was the date she was discharged from the NICU – so her measured age is currently 3-months. Today, at 12 pounds she is a healthy and bright little girl. As most at age three months, she cannot move her body one inch in any direction. She can hold and lift her head at will, but not yet turn over. She is beginning to want to reach for something but cannot yet control her arms and hands. In other words, she is a normal infant who sleeps a lot and patiently waits for mom to start feeding her so that she can sleep some more.

Yet this tiny little human can already recognize and process the fact that her little cousin is having fun with her, and respond absolutely appropriately. Nothing more than by her observing another human face, realizing some twists, wrinkles, and a smile is enough to signal to this little twelve pounder that she is being entertained and having a happy time. Isn’t this astounding! I stood in absolute awe.

With my breathing issue of a week ago, our colds and accompanying disruption of activities, the hospitalization up north, and then watching our youngest grandchild’s brain absorb as a sponge soaking in her environment has again given me pause. Life is a wonderful mystery.

The Alice, Madhatter, and the Doormouse Very Merry Birthday Tea Party celebrating Dinah’s second birthday was a huge success. Everyone not only had a great time, but, since this was a high tea, we also had quite a proper time.

I am going to call Marin and Dinah shortly to see if they want to join me and head out to catch the Saint Patrick’s Day parade downtown. I’ll drive.

In the meantime I’ll finish reading the Atlantic magazine’s article about the Finnish passion for their Mökki’s and the Mökki lifestyle: simple summer lakeside cabins celebrating simplicity, solitude, and then some more simplicity. While I dream a bit about our own mökki, the closeness to the land and the tranquility it offers, you can enjoy the slide show from the Atlantic web site. Make it a great week everyone.



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