Good morning all:

Wisdom Of The Week:

“Most people don’t know what they’re doing, and a lot of them are really good at it.” — George Carlin

Greetings from the North Woods. Since a new – late spring – overnight frost hit these parts the resultant fog is roiling over the water. This makes it appear as if I’m watching a Creature from the Lagoon “B” Movie. What a great way to wake up, watching nature at its finest while sipping a freshly brewed black coffee.

Marcia and I experienced a lot of ‘new’ this week. No clue, but certainly willing to learn fast.

For example, Marcia in the kitchen; “Dirk, could you come here a moment and help get rid of the squirrel?” The minute the little guy spotted me with broom in hand he started performing his best tricks. My favorite was the climbing of the blinds and running across the slats.

Seeing me zag with broom in hand, he ziigged. Not to be outsmarted by a squirrel I performed the old double zag with a slight ‘stutter’ thrown in for good measure. I believe I did see a lightning fast shadow flash by me heading for our bedroom.

My body, having long ago giving up any semblance of limberness, started rolling about the bedroom floor trying to spot the little fellow. More “new”, this time in the closet. As winter left, its parting gift was frost heaving the electric system’s grounding rod. The rod, located under the cabin, was now sticking up 3 inches through the punctured flooring—a perfect squirrel door.

Moments ago I happened to look up at the still passing fogs. There, staring at me from his perch on top of our grill was the friendly little red squirrel. “No, I am not playing today!”

The other ‘new’ I learned deals with laws of physics. I learned that running water requires that air is purged from the pipes. Trying to perform this feat through an access point in the pump which is located lower than the point where air pockets collect results in gallons of water on the floor of the pump room and little water in the lines.

You’d think that Marcia would find something cute in all the exerted effort, but NOOO. As the “purging virgin” on the lake, my brothers in law showed me the ropes.

It turned out that the solution was a remarkably simple one. First requirement was a trip to the hardware store—manly men MUST start any project with a trip to the hardware store. Now armed with $45 worth of connectors, flanges, ball cock, clamps, and Teflon tape I promptly established a purge point above the air pocket. Rapidly water flowed throughout the little cabin’s system. At least it did till the Pressure Switch broke.

Even though the weather has been “lacking” we’re having a wonderful time. Every day an improvement project seems to get done. Great strides have been made transforming the shed into a proper “Bunkie.” The dock has somehow managed to jut out from the shore. This only took 40-minutes of standing in 40 – 50 degree water tugging at the thing, but hey, I look great in bright red legs.

Our breeding pair of Loons is still with us. Especially at night, these amazing birds start their choral group. The resultant melancholy song can be heard all over the cove. Couple the Loon’s song with the echoing whoop of the owls and other nighttime noises, and you have a true festival of sound.

Did you know that Loons return to the same lake every spring? That their bones, unlike those of other birds, are solid? That they regularly dive over 100 feet deep? And that they require as much as 1/3 of a mile running start to get airborne? I told you they are amazing birds.

And, on the one absolutely perfect day, all of us explored surrounding trails on our ATVs. For more than two hours we climbed the nearby ridge, followed muddy old logging trails, and went deep into the woods. Wearing mosquito nets, gloves, and long pants we were secure from bugs and the like. The only casualty was Marcia who forgot that part of the novelty of wearing Crocs on her feet is a series of cleverly arranged air holes—perfect entry points for moldy smelling trail muck.

Make it a great week. Monday we head home. This week plus a few days has gone by way too fast.



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