Good morning all:

Wisdom Of The Week:

“our core human values are defined by mother-child’s first embrace”
”without a mothers’ affection we can’t survive.”

— Lhamo Thondup (the 13th and current Dalai Lama whose own mother was illiterate)

Greetings. First off, this is the penultimate time that I’ll then add “from the ‘doublewide.’” Although, just a flippant comment, it doesn’t sit well with the only other person who counts in our household and so I’ll cease and desist using it.

The next time I’ll use “from the doublewide” will be after such a move has taken place. And no, we’re not planning such a move. Okay Marcia, there, I said it. May I pour my morning coffee now?

Last week I mentioned I was volunteering for traffic control duty during the Flying Pig Marathon this past Sunday. I went on to say that I had high hopes for a great time. I was not disappointed. The event had over 20,000 runners, from all 50 states, and 17 nations.

From my vantage point the runners came up a hill and around a corner before I could see them. This meant that for nearly three hours, initially a wall, then a sea, then a stream, till eventually down to a trickle of runners who would suddenly appear. One downside being that there was precious little time to focus and try to spot people I knew.

It also meant that minimally thirty cars had to be told to either turn around or right turn only at my side street. Each time, with a smile, I’d suggest that no, turning left and into the runners was not a cool idea. At every intersection along the 26.2 mile route similar instructions were given by hundreds of police and volunteers. Hey, maybe it was the same driver of each of the same thirty cars that kept trying over and over again to make that left turn. I did not think of that possibility.

Later, during that same Sunday afternoon, we had a family picnic at one of the local county parks. The place has a stocked fishing pond and this was the draw. Young Marin asked his uncle Tevita if they could go fishing – a pastime they both enjoy. This then grew to include our whole ‘Nati based clan plus one of Cathy’s friends and her kids.

Marin and Tevita were all business and headed straight for the lake. Marcia had brought a kids’ rod and reel with only a bobber and Dinah at age 2 happily took off to join. Cathy’s friend rented a rod/reel for her one daughter and so she joined in the fun. By dinner time, young girl caught two fish, Marin caught one fish, Dinah still had her bobber, and “coach” Tevita – nada! Oh well, next time Tevita.

What was exiting, was that just beyond the park shelter we were at was a nesting Great Horned Owl. We easily spotted the fledgling but mom must have been on the hunt. I did chat with one of the naturalists who are there daily documenting and photographing the event and was amazed by some of the specifics about these birds, like the ability to lift a grown possum into the nest as food for their young.

As regular readers have realized, all my winter projects became springtime projects. This also meant that there was a delay getting “Our Duck”, our little Citroën 2CV, out of winter hibernation. This was the week to accomplish that task and on Saturday the little 29 hp air cooled engine sprung to life without hesitation. The distinctive tickety-tick sewing machine-like sound it makes sure was good to hear. Soon Marcia and I proudly tooled around the neighborhood. I did test the horn a few times and, just as in years past, immediately received smiles and waves from passing folks—five fingered waves (I just wanted to clarify that).

Make it a great week. Be sure to make Mother’s Day extra special this year. I know Adrianne is thrilled to join the ranks for this, her first time.



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