Good morning all:

Wisdom for (this) Week:

“Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.” — Lance Armstrong

Montélimar to Mont Ventoux, 167 KM of high mountain racing is going on right now as Lance Armstrong tries to again grab the yellow jersey in this year’s Tour de France. It all makes me feel a little bit awkward sitting here with my rear shoved very deep into my oversized chair while drinking some (great) morning coffee.

Just stage 21 to go on Sunday and holding on to third place, Lance Armstrong is still in ‘the hunt’, but facing a bit of an uphill battle—“GO Lance, !” I was surprised to read on his Twitter updates that at the end of stage 19 he was tested for doping—for the 11th time. At that testing pace he should be barely able to finish due to all the blood letting.

Mentioning coffee, a couple of days ago I opened a pack Pieter brought me a few weeks ago when he visited. One of those small roaster specialty brands, this one called Deadman’s Reach coffee by Raven’s Brew. And you know what? It is great stuff. It reminded me not to wade too deep in our established ruts. It is just too easy to get set in our ways. It’s important, in all matters, to spread wings, to explore new things, and maybe even to jump out of our comfort zone. At least once in a while.

Last weekend’s neighborhood party was a hoot. Our kids also attended and that was fun. But, I had the best time watching two year old Dinah. She was on top of her game, strutting about as if she owned the street. No fear, no shy clutching mom, she just threw herself into the thick of the festivities and played her little heart out.

I made one slight mistake in that I attended the ‘after-party party.’ My body long ago lost the ability to recover quickly from these wee hour happenings. The next day Marcia made note that my voice was a bit throaty and somewhat deeper. She placed that completely as a result of late evening/early morning imbibing. I know better and am fully convinced it was all the talking; two AM tequila shots were not part of my mix.

Last night was “Free Fridays” at the Museum Center. Adrianne wanted to explore and see if Vai was too young to enjoy our Children’s Museum. We quickly realized t was not a museum it was a zoo. The place was packed with thousands of kids, a cacophony of little high pitched voices, and too many pushy adults. Vai did fine; Adrianne and I started looking for an escape.

Luckily our Museum Center is comprised of three museums in one physical location. Based on our newly surfaced criteria we ended up in the Cincinnati History Museum—least number of visitors. The quiet was absolutely perfect. On top of that the visit was totally enjoyable and Vaioleti, in her sling, and thus close to mom, was oh-so comfortable. We had a great evening.

Tonight, should the weather hold, will be food and music at Marcia’s pool. The band is an award winning local group, Jake Speed and the Freddies. As his site mentions; “For the past eight years, Jake Speed has hitchhiked down Cincinnati’s American folk, bluegrass, and ragtime music highway.” I have loaded his All Roads Do Lead to Cincinnati so listen by clicking on the top of the page. So now the wait is on – no rain will mean much fun!

Mid-week we’ll be heading up north again. When we last left summer had not yet reached northern Ontario, Canada and cold with rain was the daily formula. We keep getting reports that it’s still the same. So, Marcia and I thought that we’d help out by heading back and dragging some of our weather with us. Oh wait, our weather here is way sucky, much too cool and oh-so rainy. This could be a major problem.

I do want to extend deepest condolences to my friend Mark with his loss. For all of us the message is that life is fragile and not very certain. Make certain that we all make every day count; make it a great week.



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