Good morning all:

Wisdom Of The Week:

“If you put fences around people, you get sheep.” — William McKnight

For some reason I was completely whipped last night. It was one yawn after another, to the point that I got embarrassed believing Marcia would think it was something with her. This morning still a bit groggy; and no it was not alcohol related. This morning we switched our coffee over to a fresh can of Tim Hortons—maybe that will do the trick.

No sheep here, we are up north at the cabin, unfenced, free and clear. Well, not quite free, at least not for the first few days. The rains held us quite captive indoors and slowed dramatically my plowing through the list of “to dos”. What was accomplished was gaining a start on a new book.

The weather up here has made it a somewhat of an ‘eternal’ spring—cold mornings, cool and wet days with one rain front after another. Yesterday, while running errands in our nearby town (25 miles away) I overheard one of the locals talking to the shop clerk, “that sure was a short summer, eh?”

This morning the sky is blue, currently the early morning fogs over the water have the upper hand. All that will change as soon as the sun starts to burn through. It looks like things have turned around. I just know it will be a spectacular weekend.

Our Loons are still with us. Back this year from their winter migration they are happily paddling around showing off with their diving skills. The evening sounds are complete with their plaintive calls. Our woods are also home to a family of Ravens and these are the loudest. Yesterday, driving into town, a large bear crossed about 100’ or so feet in front of us.

I got so into spotting wildlife that at one point I turned and pointing ahead on the road and excitedly said to Marcia, “look, a wolf!” Closer in, the dog tag was a dead giveaway that I was wrong.

What has been accomplished is that we’ve put in our dock. Big deal, you say. Well, since each section weighs over 300 pounds, it is a big deal. Last year I noted that the sections were held together with an array of boards and 37 three inch screws (I counted them). This year I figured that all of that could be managed with a bit of angle-iron and three pins. Tevita made what I needed, using stainless steel angle-iron and drilled each piece perfectly to spec.

Once the two pieces were bolted on I shoved the two dock sections together while brother-in-law Paul dropped the three pins into place. A perfect fit. Marcia is now mentioning that we price an aluminum dock. She has no sense of adventure or authenticity.

By day’s end we’ll have the pontoon boat launched and docked.

Last Saturday I participated in a nearby car show. I really burned and wilted in the ‘Natti heat. By the end of the day, and after seven hours of enduring our 90+ degree temperatures, I was rewarded by winning the prestigious “Most Unique” award for our little Deux Chevaux. Around 65 cars participated so I was pleased to get a first.

I also want to report that my outdoor antenna scheme is working as hoped for. My cell phone went from ‘nada’ in the reception department to a full three bars and crystal clear connectivity. Now I just need to remember to keep my phone on.

The fog is gone, time to get busy. Marcia is outside weeding around the fire pit – probably the only person doing so in all of northern Ontario. Sorry, but I just took a break to look up the duck she spotted by our dock. Based on the ragged crest feathers that she noted on its head, it had to have been the fish eating red breasted Merganser—or so says my Duck guide.

Make it a great week. Maybe instead of setting about doing projects I might just keep an eye on the hummingbird feeder to study the activity there.

“OK, coming dear, really, I am. What, you want me to mow what yard?”



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