From the North Woods, Good morning all:

Wisdom Of The Week:

“When it comes to luck, you make your own.” — Bruce Springsteen

We locked up the house mid-week and headed north. The temperature gauge read 90. This morning, now at the cabin in the North Woods, a blustery wind is gaining entry into the cabin through any crack that it can find. The rain is drumming steadily on the roof and in the early morning breaking light the small white caps on the lake appear as glowing phosphorous lights. Through it all I hear the coffee maker sputter its “all done” breath. Excellent!

I do believe that after Marcia wakes up I’ll get an ear full. Let me explain. Yesterday Paul and Dia shared with us that they found an old home movie Marcia, all the kids, and I took of a trip to the lake back in 1998. Apparently I must have had an old VHS style camera and documented this vacation heading up the long way through Port Huron, then through the little town of Tobermory via a car-ferry boat to Manitoulin Island, and on north—and they loved seeing it again. They recommended we take it to our place to watch. Last night Marcia suggested we power up the old tape player and wrap ourselves up in an afghan; which we did. That is when I discovered I did not have the tape.

This morning while reaching to get the laptop out of my backpack, any guesses what item I first pulled out? Exactly!

Last weekend, Adrianne’s birthday weekend, allowed for spending a whole bunch of time with the grandkids. What a joy! Just watching them grow and learn is amazing. Marin talking about what he’s learning this year now that he’s a 1st grader. Also, excitedly talking about the new sports he’s getting involved in.

Over dinner at our new, favorite, Thai restaurant Dinah caught my attention, age two and she was happily eating her food expertly eating it with her very own pair of chop-sticks.

Vaioleti, happy birthday TODAY, is no longer a baby; she is now completely a toddler. One year ago today she entered the world as a 1-pound-14-ounce little fighter. Brother Art took a photograph of her in her hospital incubator and on top he laid his Blackberry. Vai and the Blackberry were about the same size. Last weekend, now an 18 pounder, I watched her crawl about, stand up at any opportunity she got, and trying to walk pushing a little stroller. She sees you and a smile bigger than all outdoors greets you. We really are both blessed and thrilled.

Not to forget the kids in Florida. This week they announced that they’ll be up for Thanksgiving. Can it get any better? I knew you’d agree with me.

In a little bit Marcia is heading for a nearby auction on St. Joseph’s Island. I am not allowed to join her; something about my negative attitude at these events. Since I have always stopped short of physically restraining her from bidding I have no idea what all the concern is.

Yesterday, while I was taking a nap, right in front of the cabin Marcia saw a gathering of about 25 Loons on the lake. A lot of racing about and wing flapping seemed about all that was taking place. Looking up Loon behavior it appears to be “getting ready for migration” time. The chicks are now a little over a month old and parents gather to teach them flight and work with them to build up wing strength. While still being fed, these chicks, in less than a month from now, will be expected to join the flock and migrate to the open ocean for their winter stay—and by then will be completely on their own. This is really a highly intensive learning period: hard love, do or die!

This next week we’ll slowly start getting the cabin ready for winter hibernation. The fact that the temperature is dropping to 38 tonight and that the trees are beginning to turn will keep me focused on getting the various projects done. In this part of the world this truly was the year without a summer—except for that one week in June. The folk in these here parts still commiserate about that one week.

Make it a great week everyone.



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