From the North Woods, Good morning all:

Wisdom Of The Week:

“It’s time to start living the life you’ve imagined.” — Henry James

For the past week each morning started with the making of the coffee and tea ritual. Coffee for Marcia and I, tea for Jeanne and Pieter. They left about the time that I was ready to try for a “change.” Not to worry though, coffee is still my morning ritual, including this morning. Crews at Tim Hortons shops across Canada are sighing a sigh of relief.

This week has been weather perfect in the North Woods. Then last night Marcia mentioned that she heard of a 60% chance of rain for the evening. Yesterday afternoon we got two newspapers; the Sault Ste. Marie Star and the Toronto Star. Both had their ‘forecasting’ feet solidly planted in the “clear skies and sunny” camp. Now, at 5:00 O’clock AM the rain is beating on the tin roof. I am just thrilled I listened to Marcia and prepared our deck, yard, and boats for wet weather, it will make the rest of the day go so much smoother not hearing the “I told you so” refrain.

Weather forecasting is astonishingly bad in these parts. This week a newspaper article quoted the Soo television weather guy saying the he’d been blocked in the grocery store aisle by a housewife who berated him as being a liar and ruining her vacation. Another saying his reports were less accurate than flipping a coin. Wow, I suggest he should consider a career change. By the way, I side with the ladies in the grocery store.

Above the noise of the pounding rain and still in morning dark I can hear a Loon’s location wail and tremolo echo across the lake. They really are incredible calls.

The final adventure of Pieter and Jeanne’s visit was GPS-in-Hand-Donn and Master-ATV-Navigator-Marlene escorting us on their All Terrain Vehicles for a couple of hours of serious back-woods trail riding. Our Honda Recon ATV is a size smaller than their machines and near the end of the ride our little machine reached its limit, while they, carrying Pieter and Jeanne, were able to charge on. Marcia and I were totally stuck; with a rock caught under the engine’s skid plate, the right front wheel hung up over a log, a tree I could not get around up in front, and six or so inches deep mud all around—all forward progress had ceased.

Marcia was able to climb off and onto some rocks thus keeping her feet dry. Rocking and then reversing about 15 feet I got on solid ground and ready to head out the way we’d come into the trail. Marcia scrambled across rocks and logs and on to the back of the Recon. We were all ear-to-ear smiles and thrilled with the whole adventure—Jeanne and Pieter’s smiles were the widest.

Rumor has it that tonight we’re off to a local concert featuring five acts. I am really quite uncertain what to expect. Our local weekly, the North Shore Sentinel, printed a bit about a local musician who composed special pieces for an upcoming Ploughing Match and the New Liskeard Bikers Reunion. I think that this sort of sets the stage for tonight. Then Sunday evening we’re joining the other lakeside residents for the annual “irregulars” dinner. This year it will be held in the town of Iron Bridge at the Red Top Inn – our “special occasion” spot while in ‘Cabin Country’.

Monday morning we’re heading south and home to take care of business. As it happens, today is the start of the Province’s annual bear hunt. This means that for that last couple of days car-loads of beer along with unshaven, wanna-be bear hunters clad in day-glo orange have been seen rolling north into the area. I suspect that on our way out we’ll see the roads filled with furtive-looking, camouflage clad, bears sneakily trying to hitchhike south. We’ll keep our eyes open.

With the help of Jeanne and Pieter we managed to make this past week a grand week. Thanks you guys for the enormous stockpile of memories (and the over 200 photos). Now I best get started on the chores I put off earlier in the week, maybe by starting with a quick kayak paddle around our foggy cove. Make it a great week everyone.



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