From a still dark ‘Natti, Good morning all:

Wisdom Of The Week:

“More belongs to marriage than four legs in a bed.” — Rainer Maria Rilke

Happy Anniversary Marcia. Paul McCartney once wrote; “Will you still need me,.will you still feed me..when I’m sixty-four?”. You proved that true at the time………shall we sing the song another year? Here is my start; the morning coffee is waiting for you…with love.

All week long it’s been overcast, muggy, gray, and very wet, to the point that a collective gloom and depression is setting in. The ‘weather weenies’ are claiming that there is one more day of this stuff before it’s all over. I suspect that this is nature’s way of placing a buffer between the seasons. Mother Nature has made it perfectly clear that in these parts summer is now over and autumn is just around the corner.

I guess that I can look forward to the bright crisp days of autumn.

Yesterday, from up in my office, I heard someone talk to Marcia. Curiosity got the better and I wandered downstairs. Marcia was just beginning to see how she could best open a large box dropped off by FedEx. Making a long story short, we got a stunning gift from Pieter and Jeanne.

While with us at the cabin last summer Pieter kept his camera busy. One of the photos, a cabin view, he processed and then had professionally printed on painter’s canvas. The two foot wide framed piece is what appeared from the wrappings. Marcia just squealed. I was speechless (and it takes a bit to get me to that point). Here it is, a wonderful artwork. By the way, you can view some of Pieter’s camera work by clicking here.

Last week I mentioned that we were heading out to our Oktoberfest. It would appear that some members of our entourage felt the crowds to be a bit much. Personally, I loved it. However, prior to “turning tail” Marcia did get her annual 1-pound (or thereabouts) Cream Puff. I did have one bite and must say that it truly is perfection.

Assuming the powers-to-be don’t declare the soccer field to be too soggy for play we’ll shortly be watching Marin play soccer for the first time. Many years ago I had a blast coaching six year olds, This time, watching should be fun. What I remember loving about trying to shape these kids into a group that actually plays as a team is the challenge. They are so eager to learn, and take everything the coach says so absolutely literal. The fine differentiation between doing what you’re told versus doing what you’re told built upon the play situation as it unfolds is a nuance that takes time grasp. Go North Avondale, go Marin!

With the end of summer this week’s ‘Ramblings’ have just a tad of wistfulness, but mainly it is due to seeing this photo. Donn and Marlene are still at the lake enjoying the change of the seasons; a little more fishing, the brilliance of the Fall colors, and the lake itself. Sis-in-law Dia happened to look at one of the remote lake cameras and grabbed this shot of Donn and Marlene coming back in their canoe from a little fishing expedition. I am jealous. (You really should click on this photo and open it to full size–you’ll see why)

Make it a great week, and again, Happy Anniversary Marcia—love ya!.



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