From Oktoberfest crazy Zincinnati, Good morning all:

Wisdom Of The Week:

“Don’t play what’s there; play what’s not there.” — Miles Davis

What a stunning week this has been, days at 80 and mornings made for a down comforter. Hence, my steaming morning mug of Tim Hortons coffee tastes especially good.

Thinking back, I am beginning to understand why, during the week, the morning tug-of-war for the eiderdown touched on the physical. Actually, Marcia misunderstood, it wasn’t so much for comfort, just that something came to mind and I wanted to share.

Grumpy, grumpy, Marcia is not a morning person.

After last weekend it was good to get back into a routine; some writing and a major amount of filing, shredding, and pitching. Looking back I realize that my desk was waaaay out of control: currently not pristine, but manageable.

Last Sunday was the day to explore Chicago with Jason and Tevita and it was great. If you ask those guys, we did it all. By mid-morning the fogs had burned off and we chose that time to explore the city from the viewing deck of the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower). They recently installed three glass cages that jut out from the 103rd story. The three of us just had to try standing on a plate of glass suspended over the far distant sidewalk.

If it’s been a while since you’ve been to the place then the architectural boat tour on the Chicago River is a must. I did not realize that to prevent polluting Lake Michigan that the river flows 2-feet lower than the lake. Our boat took us through the connecting locks to prove this point.

From a sidewalk café across from the Contemporary Arts Center I spotted a charming, high energy, middle-aged woman scurrying back and forth across Michigan Ave. As the lights would turn she would be on one side or the other and through the placard she was carrying would urge passing drivers to: “Honk to Impeach Bush”. For some people time must stand still.

Anyway, every so often I did hear the some honking. When I paid a bit more attention I took note that it was primarily taxis which were doing the horn blaring. Now, in a taxi it would have to either be the backseat passenger urging the driver on, or a spontaneous driver decision. I chose to believe it was the latter. Couple that with the fact that a substantial percentage of the Chicago taxi drivers are from the middle-east and I wonder if that dear little lady was really capturing her perceived desired audience. I did not think it mattered to her—she just looked so happy and charming.

Later today we’ll be off to our town’s . It is touted as being the world’s largest outside of Germany and is expected to bring 500,000 people to the city-center. All I know is that Marcia will indulge in her annual 1-pound cream puff eating event. I am not completely certain that these “puffs” are exactly one pound, but anything the size of a large grapefruit has to approach that in weight. Chicken dance here I come.

By the way, I have been horrible keeping the “Week’s Best” (button at bottom of site) updated. This week it features a very hip 1st. Amendment poster regarding Freedom of Speech – something recently brought to the forefront during all the many Town Hall meetings. Have a look.

Make it a great week everyone, and a happy Rosh Hashanah to Cathy and her family.

Shalom and Cheers,


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