From the city, Good morning all:

Allhallows Eve Wisdom Of The Week:

“I’ll bet living in a nudist colony takes all the fun out of Halloween.” — Charles Swartz

Dirk, what would you like this morning; eye of newt, and toe of frog, wool of bat, and tongue of dog, adder’s fork, and blind-worm’s sting, lizard’s leg, and owlet’s wing, for a charm of powerful trouble, like a hell-broth boil and bubble? …… Nah, but thanks anyway …… I’ll just stick with my morning coffee.

Maybe I’ll drop a quick note to my friend Edmunds. I have always had a bit of an ‘affair’ with cars and has been my trusted friend throughout. Now it appears that the nursery school group in Washington doesn’t want me to trust Edmunds any more, and I am sorry for that. Since I have known Edmunds longer than the DC group, I’ll stick with Edmunds.

For those of you a bit out of the loop, here is the scoop. Edmunds did some research on a subject that they know well, cars. The result of their calculations being that the “Cash for Clunkers” program cost taxpayers $24,000 per car. Not only that, but that many buyers would have bought anyway, caused little new employment, and now is causing a current sales ‘dry’ spell since it accelerated the buying cycle. Washington went ballistic when the report came out. Oh well, so what’s new?

Here are some facts leading into this morning’s other “what’s new” department: the Declaration of Independence is 1337 words long and has successfully formed the backbone of our nation. One of the greatest messages given to our nation was the Gettysburg Address which managed to convey Lincoln’s thinking in a mere 272 words. The original draft of the 1935 Economic Security Act, which established the Social Security Administration was 64 pages. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 – forbidding discrimination based on race and sex: 8 pages. The 19th amendment to the Constitution, giving Women the right to vote in 1920: 1 page. The Emancipation Proclamation, with which Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves in 1863: 5 pages. And in 1787 the master document, the Constitution: 4 pages long. Do you see a pattern here?

Therefore, what’s new that demands the current “more is better” thinking? I am talking about the just released H.R.3200 – America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009 coming in at a stunning 1990 pages – 4 full reams of paper – filled with legalese jargon and totally incomprehensible gobbledygook. For you skeptics, yes, I did try to actually read some of it on line. Pelosi tells us that H.R.3200 is landmark legislation. Really? When comparing to the above mentioned “landmark” documents H.R.3200 is pure “lardmark“; as the health conscious know, lard’s not good for anyone.”

I think I’ll make a few phone calls to the good folks whose paychecks are partially dependent on my tax contribution.

Last Sunday was a spectacular autumn day. Slightly crisp and oh so sunny (by coincidence this also describes many of the apples we picked). First was the 1-hour drive into the country side. To then be followed by a short hay wagon trek to the back section of the orchard. The smell of the fresh apples was the first to greet us. Not counting apples eaten right then and there, Marcia and I loaded our 35 pounds into the car.

That was Sunday. Monday, as an after dinner special, Marcia served up a warm batch of apple fritters. Let the eating begin! Actually, it’s well under way.

For the first time in at least two decades, tonight our house will be dark. We’re meeting up at Adrianne and Tevita’s home to enjoy Halloween. We’ve always had a run to our house from “trick or treaters”, now minimally double that for A & T. Add to this the fact that Vaioleti is celebrating her first masquerading event at home. They need help, and Marcia and I are to the rescue. I believe it will be Tevita and my duty to take little Vai around the neighborhood, not to beg for candy, but to look at the decorations. Their little town is filled with people who spend their waking hours plotting how best to add to their home decorations.

Marcia mentioned that one of our neighbors is dressing up like the President. Then when kids come to his door he’ll take away half of their candies and tell them that their ‘contribution’ will be given to kids who care not to trick or treat. Lessons might as well start when they’re young—agree? (It’s a joke folks)

Make it a great week everyone. Remember that tonight it’s “fall back” to standard time.



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