From a snowy/rainy ‘Nati, good afternoon all:

Wisdom of the Week:

“Where does the white go when the snow melts?” — anonymous

It was an impending snow-storm. It’s now been a full day since we were solemnly urged to flee to the markets and to stock up on the three main food groups—bread, milk, and Ho-Hos. Overnight we got one-half of one inch! I’ll refill my coffee mug and ponder on the whole event.

Thursday I took Adrianne, Tevita, and Vaioleti to the airport—their Tonga bound journey started at 4:50 PM. This morning I woke up at 2:30 AM in dire need of some cold-fighting medicine. While mixing my secret cold-repair concoction it dawned on me that 2:30 our time was just about exactly their arrival time in Tonga; a mere 35 hours after they started.

Should they, upon their return, complain about the trials of long distance travel with a sixteen-month old I’ll remind them that Captain Cook and his hearty crew would have taken a good year to accomplish this same task. And, during that whole time would have been eating sixteen-month old stale biscuits. Now that is real horror.

Here is my apology. I slept in (due to my cold and my secret concoction) and got a late start on this post. The late start also meant that Marin and Dinah showed up for a previously planned Saturday morning play-time with their Opa. The grandkids won out and, now at noon, I am just getting back to finish up this week’s ‘ramblings’.

The whole Holiday Mood thing has finally taken hold—I go out of my way to avoid all the sappy and gimmicky store generated holiday fare, but somehow it started to creep into my bones. Walking Shang this morning and watching that old dog romp in our half-inch of snow made all fall into place. Now, three hours later, he’s sound asleep at my feet and all I hear is deep breathing and every so often a contented sigh is tossed into the mix.

Last week I wrote that Marcia and I had a date with Vaioleti and took her to a Christmas party. In closing, let me just show the first and the last of a series of photos as Vai “warmed” up to Santa.

Make it a great week everyone. I am now going to try and talk Marcia into seeing a 3D movie with me.



PS. The scrolling marquee at the top of the page I finally updated. The reason for the new statement is that I have code on this blog asking search robots to not scrape content into the various search engines. However, some disregard this request—usually from outside our borders. I took a look at the site’s stats and noted that, by a factor of 5, it’s Chinese URLs that demonstrate a complete disregard. So now you know.

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