From an “out of the freezer” ‘Nati, good morning all:

Wisdom of the Week:

“Procrastination—Hard Work Often Pays Off After Time, But Laziness Always Pays Off Now.” — December, 2009 Demotivators Calendar

Brother Pieter was here for a business trip last weekend. Whenever someone touches our lives, something of them stays. In Pieter’s case it is a pound of ‘fair market’, Pepper Peddler’s Coffee—a steaming mug of which is gracing the mousepad next to me (prevents desktop rings). The Pepper Peddler Coffee…roasted by bike, delivered by bike…throughout Davis, CA; good stuff!

Our mattress was manufactured during the Victorian era, or so claims Marcia. Last Saturday became a special day. Our old mattress will be dragged over to the Antique Roadshow for a proper appraisal prior to auctioning it. In the meantime, since Ikea is now a preferred vendor, we raced up the road. Previous Ikea visits had me wait near the checkout for Maria to re-emerge from the showroom cave. This time I joined her in the maze. First stop was the Ikea lunchroom for a free breakfast. Properly fed, we made copious notes as one bed and one mattress after another was checked and tested.

Selection is made much more difficult as names such as “Grimstad”, “Florö”, and “Ibestad” flash before your eyes. Nevertheless, we were successful. Shortly it was down to the warehouse area with a cart and off to the checkout. Ikea will deliver for just under a $100. An easy $100 in my pocket was my instant reaction. Standing in an ice cold wind we discovered that with the cap on Marcia’s little truck our new bed would not fit.

Thirty minutes later, with newly purchased tie-downs, and an assist, the whole kit-and-kaboodle (sans mattress) was loaded on top of the truck. Heading south on Interstate-75 we blended in beautifully. Gliding happily along with a similarly packed stream of former Detroit autoworkers heading home for the hills of Kentucky.

This week the search for the mattress, which started this adventure in the first place, will continue. I’ll keep you posted.

This winter I did not store our Citroën 2CV. I decided I’d hope for some good weather spells. To date that was the wrong kind of thinking. However, today is perfect; nearing fifty, and dry roads. Later this afternoon I will invite Marcia to ‘tootle’ around the area for a bit. Our tiny little car always creates an instant parade whenever we take it out, both the shape and diminutive size gives reason for people to smile. Allow me to recycle some old Model T one-liners (groaners) and use them on our “Duck”:

–You just didn’t order a 2CV, you were fitted for one.
–A 2CV is so convenient you don’t park it—you wear it at the end of a key chain.
–If you have a 2CV you also have a chauffeur, where does the chauffeur sit? At home, probably.

I would urge you to pray and give aid to the people of Haiti after their devastatingly horrific earthquake. But, there is more. Months from now as ‘normalcy’ returns, I hope that the international community will address the systemic political corruption plaguing that nation dating back at least fifty years. The Dominican Republic which shares the same island soil is not wealthy, yet its citizens have never come close to being a nation of beggars. With the hundreds of millions of dollars in aid extended year after year prior to the earthquake going to handful of corrupt ‘rulers’ it would appear that none of that money ever ended up improving the nation’s infrastructure. These people need a ‘hand up’, not just a ‘hand-out.’

Make it a great week everyone. This week, as during every other week, do someone a good deed.

Hopefully my laptop will be fixed early next week and these postings will cease being the struggle they currently are.



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