From a cold, crisp, blue-sky city, good morning all:

Wisdom of the Week:

“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” — Abraham Lincoln

This week all 50 states had some snow. In Florida it was possibly just a few square feet in the panhandle area, nevertheless, there was snow; it was enough snow to get the minds rolling. As a result, last night I drove to Indianapolis to bring Kirstin, Derek, and Kellen to our home for a long weekend of winter fun—they had flown in from Orlando (Indy, since Delta airlines’ obscene pricing structure has effectively grown every neighboring city’s airport). This is the first time that they have seen real snow!

It will be a spectacular weekend of snowball fights, igloo building, sledding, and hot chocolate. We’re having our own mini winter Olympics! In fact, I think that buried somewhere in the basement is an old 3-legged milk stool that I can burn for our own modest opening ceremony. Now, before the little guys wake up and I get dragged outside, I best drink my morning coffee.

Actually, I am doing really well for someone who spent two full days in bed with a stomach bug. Marcia is also doing much better after her nighttime tripping over a box of books placed so that I could easily move them to the attic. She is certain that her ribs are only bruised. As you can see, this is the beginning of a new week, and we are so ready to party with the grandkids. And, more snow is expected on Sunday.

Earlier in the week, prior to our physical ‘issues’, Marcia and I went on the hunt for proper snow gear for the kids. Five or six stores later it was ‘nada’, nothing. Sandals had taken over where only days earlier the shelves had boots. Beach gear where snow pants had been. This at a time when special dispensation is required to even think about Spring. The next day, after I had climbed into bed, Marcia got smart and headed for the Thrift Stores. She achieved amazing success. This morning our two little guys will look like they were born and bred in these parts.

Brother George tells me that he just loved the recent cold snap they experienced in Naples, FL. He says that that is the best time for people watching since you can tell exactly the era that these old fogies moved into town. Overnight Naples becomes like a vintage clothing parade as people dive into the very depths of their closets to retrieve that one remaining piece of warm weather gear saved from when they left snow country. I can see some leathery skinned Hyde Park matron proudly strutting about in a charming pink and lime green ‘70s ensemble; so cool. But, I do wonder what George and Sandy were wearing?

Driving to Indy news about the fatal crash of a luge racer prior to the start of the Olympics came on the radio. Apparently he flew out of the chute and into a steel pole. Since I was on an Interstate Highway it made me think. About sixty years ago the Highway system was built. Way back then a conscious decision was made not to plant large immovable trees on the shoulders of these highways, with the premise that on occasion drivers do leave the roadway proper and careen along the shoulders. Now, in 2010, a sled rider with only a lycra suit as protection, doing a 100 mph, should no longer have concerns about immovable vertical objects built next to the track. Duh.

Even though it’s not yet legal, furtively we’re thinking spring. Marcia has already been putting out the word that this year she wants to get serious about fishing and is looking for insight as to how best arrange her tackle-box. Which reminds me of the old adage: Give a woman a fish and she will cook for a day. Teach her how to fish and you can keep the toilet seat up for the entire weekend.

Derek is already up and, even though still in his pajamas, thinks he’s ready to head out. Don’t you just love kids’ ability to see through fresh eyes? Make it a great week everyone.



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