Spring is here! Good morning all:

Wisdom of the Week—Spring special:

“the world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful.” — e.e. cummings

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!” — Robin Williams

Marcia is out of town. But, the only way you would notice that she is not here is, were you to peek through a window, that I am sitting in the family room, feet on the table, my fresh mug of morning coffee next to them, and a huge bag of pork rinds snuggled right here next to me (Marcia, if you happen to read this; just kidding, my feet are actually on the floor).

In the morning I can be amazingly slob-looking. Normally there is a little prodding that goes on, but as you can imagine, not today. However, even with prodding, it is very difficult for me to get around my oversized Ellen DeGeneres looking hairdo until about 10:00 o’clock when the nighttime tension leaves each of the various hair follicles and it all starts to flop down—so far it hasn’t flopped one bit.

Yesterday afternoon I was outside when my phone rang. It was a very cheery Marcia calling from pool side in Jackson Mississippi;”You sound out of breath” was about the first thing she said.

I’d been caught red handed. For years now I have carefully fostered my “I hate gardening” image. We live close to Appalachia, but no one has ever pointed out that I have a red neck. However, yesterday I was actually in the back yard. The weather was great and since there is rain in the forecast for tomorrow I thought I’d ‘tick’ off one of the projects I’d laid out for myself. Marcia had caught me in the midst of our 8’ high elephant grasses.

Have any of you had any experience with elephant grass? The stuff is wicked. During the first few minutes of cutting I had half a dozen ‘paper’ cuts from the dried leaves. This prompted digging out my heaviest duty work gloves and a long sleeved shirt. Conditions improved markedly afterwards. Still, the stems are tough as nails. Breathing in clouds of seeds wasn’t any joy either. This morning there are four jam-packed garbage cans and two leaf bags full of elephant grass remnants. My finicky neighbor nodded appreciatively.

If I were a bit gutsier I would have created a fire pit, invited the grandkids, and held a bonfire. Truth be told, I wanted Marcia to have a house to come back to. Earlier in the week the news showed how houses burn as nicely as does winter dried elephant grass.

Since Marcia was poolside I should have asked her about Ramundo the towel boy—I thought the better of going in that direction. What I did discover is that, in addition to a stop on the Natchez Trace, the ladies managed to visit seven (yes, read 7) Cracker Barrel restaurants/gift shops. This coming cabin season I suspect that we’ll have one peg-game or cow-udder mug for everyone. Maybe even a sock-monkey to hang as a good luck charm on the front of the Bunkie.

Can you imagine stopping every couple of hours for just one more “Sunrise Sampler”?

Staring at eleven today will be the Sweet Potato Queen parade, which is at the core of Marcia’s weekend getaway. She tells me that there are 900 ‘Queens’ in Jackson (probably a few more) so it should be a spectacle. The ladies had their ‘big hat’ luncheon—held at a nearby mall. I am not certain whether or not they had their bathrobe, slippers, and hat breakfast yet. I do know that last night was the all-out gala. I am hoping for pictures next week.

Thursday I did my regular baby sitting for Vaioleti while mom and dad head off for the gym. Vai had a cold and, while basically still in good spirits, looked pathetic. Chaffed cheeks and upper lip, hangdog eyes, and drippy nose, made all of us do one of those “oh poor baby” routines. I was invited to stay for dinner (thanks much guys). Since it is now officially Spring the neighborhood Dairy Queen had opened from its winter hiatus. We all took advantage and walked off our dinner by heading for the DQ. Vai was not so sick as to not enjoy a couple of spoonfuls of Tevita’s Blizzard.

Walking home the walk passes a small side street graced by a 15” wide wall. I lifted Vai to the top, and me holding her middle, her studying each step super carefully, she walked its full length. It’s amazing how big a deal it is for kids to do that sort of thing. Too much fun—runny nose and all!

Make it a great week everyone. Do stop to smell the roses daffodils and crocuses.



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