Spring is in the air, good morning all:

Wisdom of the Week:

“It is sad to grow old but nice to ripen.” — Brigitte Bardot

Spring is in the air. The two neighborhood Red Tailed Hawks keep demonstrating their exciting pairing techniques on the branches by our picture window—I know that spring is in the air. It also calls for a strong, black, morning coffee.

Yesterday was one of those banner days—nothing most anyone would shout about, but for me banner. My grand niece, Oakley, celebrated grandparent’s day at her nursery school. It’s a Montessori setting and these kids make a lot of decisions. One decision they made at the start of the school year was to call their class the “Grey Wolves.” I ask you, how can you celebrate grandparent’s day and not have a ‘greybeard’ grandparent type with you when your class is called the ‘Grey Wolves’. Since all the other (grey) prospects live out of state, I was invited to play the role. And when Oakley invites you it’s A) very special, and B) you better show up. It was a wonderful time and a privilege; this from Oakley’s Opa-2.

Mrs. S., Oakley’s teacher welcomed all 14 visiting grandparents warmly. Each child took a moment to introduce themselves and then their special guest prior to showing off a learning skill. Oakley proudly advised me that she now only does Kindergarten level work. She is also manager of the electric pencil sharpener for the whole class.

I do wonder though what all is discussed as the students gather into their class-wide circle at the start of each day. The reason being, at some point Mrs. S. came around and casually asked me if I was the grand uncle who really liked single malt Scotch. Whaaaaat? Mrs. S. could have sucker-punched me and I would not have flipped a bigger loop.

I noticed that slowly and quietly Marcia has started packing. Less than two weeks from now she and five other ladies are heading for Jackson Mississippi and the million queens march. She and her friends will participate in the SweetPotatoQueen parade.

Actually it’s more than a parade, it’s a three-day party with events such as; The Everyday Gourmet Fat Mama’s Knock You Naked Margarita Party and the Bathrobe Brunch. I’ll keep you posted as this progresses.

A few days ago I was (lovingly) referred to as a ‘luddite’. I smirked, but the more I think about it the more I am convinced that in fact I am one. Yesterday I read that free over-the-air television is in a death spiral. Not long ago the networks paid their affiliates to broadcast. Today, local stations pay cable to carry their programming. I subscribe to the free over-the-air channels and am expert at adjusting the rabbit ears.

The range of products which are totally obsolete—but which I happily use is astounding. My first generation iPod is just 2 steps removed from a shoulder mounted boom box. My camcorder uses, gasp, tapes! Last visit to the library I asked where their card-catalog was, and then slinked away when the eighteen year old smiled and pointed to a terminal. 33 RPM still means a lot to me. Over coffee I can easily talk an hour about changing the element on an IBM Selectric. And, blindfolded, I can re-fold a paper road map (even though I do have a GPS). I am a luddite!

Tomorrow we’ll celebrate Dinah’s 3rd birthday (was actually last Wednesday) and both sides of her family will crowd around her. For months now she has very successfully played the role of Strawberry Shortcake. Tomorrow she’ll be in all her glory, the star of the party; as Strawberry Shortcake of course.

Now best start to get ready for my Citizens on Patrol coordinators meeting.

Make it a great week everyone. I best go and see what a neighbor’s cat is eating in the backyard before I do anything else.



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