Good morning all:

Wisdom of the Week:

“A grave blockhead should always go about with a lively one – they show one another off to the best advantage.” — William Hazlitt

Yesterday the United Kingdom’s House of Lords prorogued Parliament. While a parliament is prorogued between two legislative sessions all orders of the body, bills, motions, etc. – are expunged. This is different from the recesses and breaks taken by our Congress which resume where they left off. Believing that less is better; I really like prorogation!

Now that Parliament is silent Brits will give a collective sigh as tea is poured. I’ll stick with my steaming hot morning coffee.

TSA — Since I started with a quote from Hazlitt, I might as well continue: “A lad with a sickly constitution and no very active mind, who can just retain what is pointed out to him, and has neither sagacity to distinguish, nor spirit to enjoy for himself, will generally be at the head of his form.” That 19th century writing, in today’s world, would be making reference to the crack TSA team I dealt with on Thursday morning. Mind you, not that I am griping about the 50 wasted minutes in security at Orlando’s airport (beginning at the wee hour of 4:30). Actually I blame myself as much as anyone. I, like everyone around me, shuffled along with bowed head, as we all played out our assigned role in this theater of the absurd.

Easter Egg Hunt — The mind can play silly tricks. I could have sworn that the flyer Kirstin hung on the refrigerator expressly stated that the Ocoee Community Easter Egg Hunt was going to be held at Publix (their neighborhood grocery store). Twenty to ten last Saturday I loaded Kellen and Derek in the Odyssey, but not before they selected a food item for the needy—I follow instructions to the letter. The store appeared to be in a bustle and hustle, but not with the egg “hunters” I was expecting to see.

It was the very kind store manager who explained to me that, in fact, there was NO egg hunt at Publix. Make the customer happy is the Publix slogan and that they did. They took the two food items for the needy which the boys had carefully selected. Then took Derek and Kellen to the bakery section where they picked out a large decorated cookie, they were given a balloon, coloring book, and crayons. Our hunt took all of 7 minutes and those little guys were a happy pair. By the way, I was asked if I wanted a refund on the two items we brought into the store.

“Sheepish” is probably the best word that described me.

I had taken the flyer with me and rereading now noted that the word “Publix” was not printed anywhere. With hunt # 1 only taking 7 minutes I explained to the guys that we were going on 2 hunts. Yeah! They were so excited, and we made it to the real hunt (this one held in a nearby park as per the flyer) just in time. Aren’t Opas great?

Easter Dinner — Derek had been talking for some time about riding the Disney Monorail with me. That fact, plus that Kirstin and Vince didn’t get home until late Saturday gave rise to having Easter dinner on Disney property—the Grand Floridian resort to be exact.

The Grand Floridian is by all appearances an upscale property. Adding to the upscale air was the name of our selected restaurant; 1900 Park Fare. Even the entry hall to the place had a calming ambiance. It wasn’t till the door opened that the shrieking din caused by hundreds of children hit. That evening the character dinner featured Prince Charming, Cinderella, the stepmother, and the nasty stepsisters. Once I got used to the fact that the stepsisters’ behavior was as should be expected that I realized that the food was really good.

Entering the place Kellen looked much like a Little Lord Fauntleroy wearing his new blue polo shirt. After being attacked by the world’s largest strawberry he looked as if the nasty stepsisters had made him clean up 1900 Park Fare. Those two little guys were into it. The fact that I started bantering with the stepsisters (Marcia, I did so without embarrassing either Derek or Kellen) proved that I too had a great time. Plus, two complete loops on the monorail is nothing to sneer at.

Make it a great week everyone. After a light overnight frost the weather is supposed to turn for the better again. Everything is in full bloom, with spirits lifting right along—n’est-ce pas?



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