Good morning all:

Wisdom of the Week:

“Men more often need to be reminded than informed.” — Dr. Samuel Johnson (should have been Marcia’s quote—had she only said it first)

OK, all is better now. I tried to fill my coffee mug in near darkness. No, didn’t spill a drop, just filled it to the brim. Sucking very hot coffee off the rim is not an easy task. But, all is well and I am enjoying my morning brew.

Thinking Canada (with my tuque in hand): No matter what is being said, my mind has begun to focus on Canada. Soon the truck will be in the shop for a thorough going over—in garage parlance this is known as a tune-up. Personally I have already begun the tune-up process by getting my dental inspection/cleaning out of the way earlier this week. The other thing is that Marcia’s huge storage bin has been dragged into the dining room. All winter this beast sits in a spare bedroom (one of the many reasons to live in an oversized house; hint, hint, Marcia) as we add items going to Canada. By placing it in the dining room means that the serious arranging and packing is actually about (‘a-boot’ for our friends in Canada) to begin. Marcia, in celebration, maybe we’ll each have a plateful of Poutine tonight?

Last weekend Costco had a great deal on a hard-shelled kayak. The things were made in Montreal, come with a 2-year warranty, and have a very open style cockpit; perfect for lake use. Since Marcia will not set her foot, or anything else for that matter, in the Folbot 2-person kayak, she now has her own. I should stress, this was NOT an impulse purchase!

Paul and Dia have already opened up their cabin and are spending a few days in the North Woods. They stopped by our place and officially certified it as having survived another Canadian winter. The pontoon, nicely covered up last fall is still nicely covered up, but that is not the big news. The real news was casually mentioned, hidden in Paul’s email—our front door opens! Well, it always did. However, how well it did was quite dependent on how broad-shouldered the person opening the door was.

That small bit of amazing news means that all the scheming and the many hours spent crawling through the dirt under the cabin re-setting the pier system seems to have paid off. The door opening smoothly means that the cabin has finally settled-in; square. I could not be more thrilled. Today I plan to go about my business glowing much like a Wondrous Lord of Radiance and Flair to whom Marcia should bow down. Murphy’s Law has to fit in here somewhere.

Curbs: Over a half century ago our little side street was fitted for a proper curb system. This past week the upgrading of these curbs is taking place. Aside from the fact that our house shakes with all the pounding, our most major change is the 2 foot wide 18” deep trench in front of our driveway. For us to get into our garage means we now drive across what can best be described as a World War II Bailey bridge system—actually it’s a huge steel plate.

While I am about as far removed from civil engineering as possible, I have spotted a problem with our newly poured curbs—their height. The height difference between the new curbs and the adjacent lawn makes the flat side of the curb (the one facing our yard) look like the Berlin Wall jutting up. While kids can still jump across, I suspect that much of the wild life will have a substantial problem. Currently I am keeping an eye out any for ne’er-do-wells carrying spray paint. I do not want the side of my curbing looking like a section of that old Wall.

Jason’s Birthday: A VERY surprised Jason woke up from a late afternoon nap to a room full of people gathered to join him for his birthday dinner. You can tell that Marin is growing quickly. His gift, from an Army Surplus store would be banned in the UK, but here it is just perfect for times when you get caught away from home and need something to cut/pry/unscrew/or pop. Since Jason has built a complete deck tucked against their hill wall Cathy’s gift of a red patio umbrella became the perfect complement.

However, truth be told, the highlight was Vaioleti trying to teach everyone how to wink. Something she can only do with both eyes at the same time, and then after much concentration. This led to some amazing discoveries. Like Adrianne, she of the limber eyebrows, who was the only person in the group capable of raising each eyebrow independently. Now I best stop; this is way too much information; except for the fact that Tevita handled the Weber like a pro.

Make it a great week everyone. I was hoping I could wish Marlena happy ‘birth’ day, but no such luck; instead, happy birthdays to Jason and Connor.



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