Good morning all:

Wisdom of the Week:

“If I had taken my doctor’s advice and quit smoking when he advised me to, I wouldn’t have lived to go to his funeral.” — George Burns

Some of my gang were able to attend the annual smoker put on by Paul’s company (the undisputed hit and “sought after” activity at their largest Trade Show)—I was not. Therefore, quietly, by myself on the deck, I enjoyed a great Maduro-wrapped cigar and a fine glass of Malbec right about the time that the smoker got underway in Orlando. I did miss out on the trays of oversized shrimpies and the rubber chicken though. This savoring of things is continuing this morning with a hot mug of Triángulo de Oro, Costa Rican coffee (we ran out of Tim Horton’s and I had to open a gift pack). The fact that a nice thunderstorm is now blowing through just adds to the ambiance.

That certain senior moment – Wednesday was a day for a few errands including a trip to the barber. Running a little behind on my, self imposed, schedule I dove into the shower and made for the car. Once out the door I got into my groove and so, aside from the barbershop, enjoyed being what the French call a “flâneur” – someone who strolls around the neighborhood. The area I was at was the little Ludlow business district close to the University. Always a place where peeking into an array of quaint little shops is a fun thing to do.

Parking in the Ludlow area is forever a bit of a game and my car was several streets away. Shortly after turning to head back to where I parked I ran into three senior members of the ‘Natti’s police force, including our Chief of Police, Chief Striker. They were standing on a street corner having discussions with a city official. As a member of Citizens on Patrol I felt it only right to give a proper greeting. Smiles all around I headed for my car.

Fifteen minutes later I was back at the house. Marcia looked up from her knitting and without commenting on the fresh haircut, instead asked if I’d been to the bathroom. “No, why?” “Your fly is open”, was her very droll reply.

The Buzzinator Will Tear Woody Apart – mentioning a senior moment, how about a generational gap. On-line a site I read with regularity is one called Gizmodo and that is where I spotted the mentioned headline. I had no idea what a “Buzzinatort” was, but I certainly knew what a “Woody” was. As a car lover I have always had a soft spot for the old Woodies. I think it’s a bit of an iconic look to listen to the Beach Boys  and see a Woody with a surf board strapped to its top. It wasn’t until I got a bit into the Gizmodo story that I realized that the “Woody” reference was to a character from the Toy Story movie. Oh yeah!

Alienation – I was going to weigh in on the current illegal immigration hullaballoo. My non “weigh in” is a result of a get together of about twenty people last night at one of our local pubs. The ‘discussion’ was started by and continued by folk who felt they were absolutely correct—and would have been surprised if I (or anyone else) had offered an alternative viewpoint to the gab-fest.  If I were to do so I’d hear from too many folk, including Marcia. So I’ll just quote a couple of lines from who wrote in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal:
“But while the Democrats worry about the prospects of the Democrats and the Republicans about the well-being of the Republicans, who worries about America?

No one. Which the American people have noticed, and which adds to the dangerous alienation—actually it’s at the heart of the alienation—of the age.”

Her insights are worth a look; now I’ll shut up on the subject. However, I suspect that today being May 1st, we’ll have our television screens filled with angry people.

Pizza at the Zoo – Thursday evening was one of those very bright moments. Adrianne, Tevita, and little Vaioleti took me to the final “Blooms and Tunes” event. One of my favorite Bluegrass bands, a local group going by the name of Jake Speed and the Freddies highlighted the evening. Joining 2600 other similarly minded people we staked out a little piece of turf and ate and listened, and tapped, and danced. Then we even saw some exotic animals. Too fun.

The theme for the evening had to do with trees. I had taken Vai to where the band was playing for her to get a better look and impression of what a proper band should look and sound like. Heading back to our little corner of the world we ran into the strolling “Mr. Living Tree” (was he also a “flâneur”?). As you can see this was a very solemn moment for Vai, although she did wave bye, bye to Mr. Living Tree.

Cinco de Mayo – will be celebrated this week. I didn’t realize that this day has more revelry here in the USA than in Mexico. That’s probably the reason the lines “mas tequila, por favor” and “oh no, where are my pants?” seem to fit together and ring so true in our country. Party hearty and wisely!

Make it a great week everyone. Happy birthday to Payton and Marlene, and Mark, success as you head into a brave new healthy world.



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