Good evening all:

Weekly Wisdom, still from the Canadian North Woods:

“Television is just city folk’s way to avoid making their own entertainment, especially when the snow flies, the moon is bright, or the sun shines” — a local everyman we’ll name Claire

These mid-week posts need to come to a halt, Saturday morning coffee just doesn’t taste the same. With all the travel I got out of sync, but am trying to get back in rhythm. In the meantime I’ll enjoy a sip of my Malbec.

Vinnie-the-cat – is the only one who is completely at home. In fact he struts as if he runs the place. Call him and he’ll come—when he’s ready—if he so chooses—when he’s TOTALLY ready. Can’t find him? Just look into one of his six favorite haunts. Grandkids around, and you’ll find him buried in the hall closet, in back, bedded in the basket housing scarves, toques, and mittens. Is it hot, he’ll be behind the living room chair capturing a bit of the A/C. Meanwhile the food keeps vanishing and the ‘cat-fountain’ requires regular refills. Cats make such wonderful pets.

Just wait till the next trip north. Then we’ll show him who’s in charge. Of course we are; as long as we can survive driving for the first hour with that cat howling right next to us. Heading back from the cabin we noticed that he’s figured out that if he stops his interminable howling immediately prior to getting to the border crossing we won’t be as tempted to turn him over as some kind of invading space alien.

Obscene heat – is the way the TV weather weenies describe it. All but a weather gal who we’ll call Valerie or Randi or Patty, who looks cool as a cucumber, however the heat has affected her brain and she now just babbles incoherently—sometimes laughing at times that only seem appropriate.

Arriving home from the North woods and the lake made the wall of humidity clobber us with a double whammy. We had forgotten that the house A/C was off and that the place was thoroughly shuttered. This meant that a race through the front door to get some relief prior to taking a breath between the truck’s air-conditioning and a cool home was only another cruel joke.

This morning was the first time since we’ve been back where things were tolerable. Hence, it was the first morning that I went out and did my regular walkabout. All this means that we’ve been hidden in our house with the air going full tilt; we have become hermits! Except for one fine evening that is…..

The Block party – was last Saturday and it was the one evening we ventured forth. A massive 48” grill loaded with 50 pounds of charcoal made sweat evaporate and burgers grill to perfection. A dozen or so coolers provided plenty of water while simultaneously allowing for goodly quantities of adult beverages. Plenty of music and conversation made our previous days drive south the right thing to do.

At some time during the evening Marcia went home. Meanwhile, I got invited to partake in even deeper conversations at tables set up with great smelling hookahs around a fire pit with a six foot high bonfire. The conversation became even better once trays with small glasses, lime wedges, and Tequila were brought out. I believe it was a little after two that I decided I’d attempt the five house-length walk home.

The next morning Marcia did ask why a strange cooler and half full can of Mexican beer was sitting on the kitchen counter. The cooler has since found its rightful home.

Animal Planet – Since we left the Red-tailed Hawk chicks have flown the coop. In fact there is absolutely no sign of any of the hawks. I do miss their early morning swoops, glides, and squawks.

With the recent weather the only wild-life I’ve seen are disheveled sweaty owners slowly walking their dogs. These are formerly perky and civilized dogs that have now turned into beasts with 18” dripping tongues slobbering on the ground. I’ve seen all this through our front and kitchen windows and can attest to this fact.

Make it a great week everyone.



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