Good morning all:

Weekly Wisdom, from deep within the depths of the city:

“Nothing says “Oktoberfest!” like Katy Perry in a dirndl. Striking since a dirndl is not a fungible commodity.” — our local everywoman, a fast-paced urbanista we’ll name Henrietta Rose prattling on using vocabulary never heard in the Canadian North Woods

In fact, I don’t even understand what it is she said; I am completely flummoxed. Before my morning coffee wears off and I forget, here is a trick we learned preparing meals in the North Woods and want to pass on to those still up there; add avocado to anything and everything and label it “California Style”. People will be amazed.

Update – Last week I wrote on and on regarding a billing issue with Cincinnati Bell and the Customer “Service” component. Here is where matters have taken me. Since I hadn’t heard anything, by Monday I wrote a letter to John F. Cassidy, President and CEO of the company. By Thursday our service was cut off.

Subsequent discussions had the service restored (this actually took place in a matter of minutes). I now have my personal representative, a fellow named Wynd, who will manage any future issues. And by the way, all fees and penalties have been erased. So far so good.

The normal routine – is now part of our daily lives. Marcia has taken on repainting the downstairs windows. Actually it sounds easier than it is. Those of you who know this place also know that in the dining room alone we have 4 sets of swinging hinged windows—each with 20 small 10” by 12” panes. Add the side panels and you have exactly 100 little panes to be prepped, glazed and painted. Marcia thrives on painting and the smaller the brush the happier she gets. This window business requires VERY tiny brushes!

Her ambitious plan has got me going. I started off with the North-West facing window to my second floor office. The thing gets all the weather and is a complete disaster. Now the window has been removed and the opening has a kid’s bed sheet stapled into the opening—Sesame Street characters featuring Bert, Ernie, and Big Bird.

Yesterday I was on the ladder stripping the frame. While on the deck I stripped the windows themselves and removed most of the old glazing. Later this morning, I will make a quick run to the hardware store to replace the one small pane that I cracked. And so it goes.

Major League Soccer – The Pastoor-Rafales family is hugely into “the beautiful game” of soccer. This led all of us to trek the 100 miles to Columbus to watch one of the final games of the season as the Columbus Crew played the San Jose Earthquake. Thanks for the ticket guys.

Cathy discovered, on line, a local pub/sports bar/vegetarian restaurant place. Since we had been dealing with a, much needed, all afternoon and evening rain we skipped the planned tail gate party. Instead we sat in the pub with a nice cold brewsky and some great vegetarian pub food. We were surrounded by ladies from a women’s Rugby team enjoying the typical after-game pub time common to that sport.

And yes, for those wondering, at the game we were surrounded by the constant blaring of vuvuzela horns. Couple those with the drum playing by some rabid fans in one far corner and you had a choice; enjoy the ambiance or grumble and get a headache. I enjoyed. Immensely!

Animal Planet – Sunday was our annual apple picking event. A one hour drive into the countryside is a working farm with a large orchard. To get to the orchard itself they take you on a hay wagon along with a five-gallon bucket. This whole experience has the grand-kids totally excited.

It is also interesting what happens when you turn people loose among row after row of apples. Checking in twenty or so minutes after our start found Adrianne with a single apple in her bucket. At the same time Marcia had her bucket filled with 25 pounds of freshly picked apples. The kids would pick an apple, study it for being OK to place in their bucket or eating right then and there. Many went the way of the “right then and there.”

I should point out that Tevita, nursing a Rugby caused sprained ankle, limped around and managed to fill Adrianne’s bucket.

Closing – We’re having great weather, cool nights and low eighties during the day; all taking place under bright blue skies. This afternoon we’re off to enjoy a front yard fish fry at our neighbor’s home.

Make it a great week everyone.



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