Good morning all:

Weekly Wisdom:

“It is not clear that intelligence has any long-term survival value.” — Stephen Hawking

Actually good evening since tomorrow morning I’ll be at Sawyer Point Park on the river for a 7:45 AM 5K start. My old Kiwiplan cohorts must have had an extra participant number and called up the old work horse to fill the ranks. Maybe I’ll grab a morning coffee on the ride into town, but this evening it’s just an early to bed.

By the way, should you be wondering, Henrietta Rose is on extended hiatus by request from Marcia. Last week was just a bit much for madam. Deep down I guess I concurred, although I am not certain I’d say that in public.

This and that – Since I mentioned Marcia’s name I might as well toss out that she cannot fathom why I do Sudoku puzzles. We bought and then dragged to the cabin a “cookie” tin containing a Sudoku game complete with magnetic pieces and over a hundred puzzles. It sat there until just prior to closing the place up when I discovered it. This discovery caused it to be dragged back home where I’ve gotten into the habit of doing a puzzle with my early morning coffee.

Going back to my school days I have always enjoyed logic, and Sudoku puzzles require logic. No matter whether it’s modal logic, or deontic logic, or epistemic logic, or even multi-valent logic; I love any and all variations. Probably part of my liking for logic is its lack of “vagueness”. Hence, like anything logical, an answer in a Sudoku puzzle is either right or wrong and has a single solution.

On the other hand, I am right brained enough to enjoy variations and nuances such as shadings in colors or in art. My desk is normally quite a mess and I will often go on instinct rather than first creating a “road map.” I remember faces easier than names and will usually describe things in picture form rather than words. This left brain right brain mix causes Marcia to, at least occasionally exclaim with disdain; “you’re always right aren’t you.” The latter having no defensible argument, at least one that will not “stir” that pot further; I won’t get into parsing or nuances, especially during the election season.

Before this turns into some sappy biography lets change subjects.

This week I found a wonderful CD at the library—Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington “The Great Summit | The Master Takes.” If you enjoy jazz from the Armstrong and Ellington era this is a must listen CD (very trite but true). These two greats had never been recorded playing together. By happenstance they were in New York City at the same time and with a bit of managerial chutzpah got into the RCA studios in April of 1961. Add to the musical mix the likes of Trummy Young on trombone and Barney Bigard on clarinet and you have one of the best sessions I have listened to.

Meaningful elections – For our nation to get its Mojo back here are my three top wishes prior to any election:

1 – ban all political advertising
2 – ban all lobbyists from engaging in any form of contact with lawmakers
3 – ban all out of state monies to any candidate or referendum

Were it possible, here is wish 2.5; limit all office holders/seekers to two terms.

I’d add that a constitutional amendment which would prohibit all who pay zero taxes from voting would as being a good idea (after all, gotta have some skin in the game), but then I’d break my own rule of only a “top three.”

So there you have it – and see, I stayed with my three wishes.

Grand kids – It’s been an amazing week of constant interaction with the gang. Early in the week, the weather was sunny and in the mid seventies. A perfect afternoon for Adrianne and I to take Vai to the zoo for Halzooween. Anyone who’s been at the Zincinnati zoo knows it to be one of the nation’s best. What you might not know is that every animal exhibit you head for requires an uphill walkclimb. Take Vai and this means that she’s on your shoulders for the duration—oh so happy—only your shoulders aren’t laughing. We had a blast.

Thursday Cathy was busy all day and Jason at work had me picking kids up from school and playing. Vai joined a bit all for good measure. We hunted Buckeyes among the backyard ivy, played the Fishing Time board game, and discovered that Marin – in the second grade – is learning square roots. Oh yes, we also watched the Never Ending Story. Marcia kept the whole thing going by schlepping a stream of snacks between her window painting activities. We also can’t forget the foraging in the attic and climbing out the window for a view of the yard from the roof, now can we? Did I say that we had a blast?

This evening it was off to our – Marin’s – for a fair. Face painting, stick-on tattoos, corn hole games, magician, create your own trail mix (Vai’s favorite), and on, and on. Place a few hundred people in a school cafeteria and gym and as Marcia said; “I can feel a headache coming on.” Have I used the word “blast” describing the evening?

Closing – Happy birthday this week Sierra! Fifteen already, bet your folks are saving for the addition to the car insurance. 🙂

Make it a great week everyone. Marcia discovered that the alarm clock is set for 0530 hours and is negotiating for me to use the couch. We’ll see.



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