Good morning all:

Weekly Wisdom:

“If you wish to make an apple pie truly from scratch you must first invent the universe.” — Carl Sagan

Not long ago we all set back our clocks and marveled at how early the morning light came around again. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I marvel how long it stays dark in the morning and how early it now gets dark in the evening. Something has gone terribly wrong! I best start drinking my mug of hot coffee to quell any rising panic attack.

Science Fiction – Remember those extraordinarily camp movies from the mid 1900s? I am not talking the science fiction ones where the robot from mars appeared, but those where humanity actually changed. Specifically the ones showing people whose bodies evolve into nothing as only a brain is required to manage the robots which perform all of life’s daily functions.

Of course in the movies we’d see the end product, a brain under a glass jar, some tubes pumping “elixir of life” liquids, and a big speaker translating the brain’s thoughts into speech. Of course we movie goers all understood that this natural “progression” had occurred tiny step by tiny step over many thousands of years. I believe we have embarked on that ‘devolution’ path. Let me explain.

Health – Marcia and I are the current holders of the geezer status in our clan. Discounting the nearly weeklong “flu-like symptoms” I dealt with after receiving a flu shot last month we’re in stunning health. You have no idea how robustly Marcia knits day after day. You have no idea how robustly I do Sudoku and read day in and day out. As an aside—Marcia also spends hours per day in the yard and I walk multiple miles per day.

This leaves the age thirty-something members of the clan and their offspring. So, let’s reflect on the past three or so weeks as we review ‘devolution’ at work. One member firmly believes that she cracked a rib from only coughing. She is now searching around for a type of corset to hold up her rib cage. Another has a teammate’s toe touch the back of his ankle and earlier this week had repair work done to reattach his Achilles tendon. He’s now already lost the use of one extremity as the use of it has been replaced by crutches.

The vigorous male member of one of the groups has spent the week in bed and is watching his energy being drained from his very being. Currently his intake of nourishment is immediately divided into two parts and then it exits the body by differing routes. The other, the expectant one, is doing great as long as the medical community can stay a step ahead of her bodily demands.

A week ago two very pale-looking grandkids appeared at our door. Marcia and I gave them comfort and care as they too had “come down” with whatever.

What Marcia and I have come to realize is that we’re witnessing a process and not a cure. In other words, it’s not going to get any better folks. We had all better get used to it. One good piece is that it’s an opportunity for grandparental involvement. Why, this week alone, I’ve been to the Children’s Museum, the Zoo, and it’s not over yet. Can it get any better?

Animal Kingdom – immediately behind our large family room picture window is a large evergreen juniper bush. This time of year it fills with juniper berries. Apparently the berries are ripe for eating since overnight that bush came to life as hordes of birds descended on it. Black capped chickadees, robins, bright red cardinals, and best of all, about a dozen Cedar Waxwings.

The Cedar Waxwing is a stunningly beautiful bird and almost silky looking with a series of reddish browns, pale yellow and dark stripe. To see this elusive bird cavort only mere inches away is amazing.

Donn and Marlene are back up north and Marlene swung by our cabin to give us a report. Pulling into the drive she spotted a small pure white creature with a black tip on its tail and carrying a mouse. It had to be a weasel in its gorgeous winter coat. Pretty cool stuff.

Happy birthday to Ann Marie, have an ostentatious day. To ¾ of the Brioneses be safe in California and have a wonderful visit. Kirstin, we’ll see you real soon. Traveling? Do so safely and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. And to all, make it a great week.



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