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Weekly Wisdom:

“gluk in’n tuk” —Twents dialect, a Low-German language variant, for the Dutch “gelukkig nieuwjaar” (Happy New Year). Twenthe is the unincorporated area of the eastern part of the Dutch province of Overijssel, and is where my birth city of Enschede is located.

Whew, try spitting all those tongue twisters out loud! Actually, writing all that stuff isn’t all that easy either!

k.d. lang’s silver voice is on my headset, singing the words to her song Helpless; “There is a town in north Ontario…….blue, blue window behind the stars…..the big birds flying across the skies throwing shadows in our eyes….” (Recollection Disc 1). This finds me having difficulty gathering my thoughts. First I’ll finish listening to the rest of Helpless as I continue drinking my morning mug of coffee while it’s still hot, and then I’ll get serious about today’s post.

One moment please.

It is the New Year and I woke up this morning thinking that the heading-north-for-the-cabin moment is not something that will happen “next year,” this is the NEXT year. How exciting is that! It only made sense that I started my day listening to one of my favorite k.d. lang songs.

New Year’s wish – is really quite simple. I wish that everyone whose life you touch will be the better for it. I wish that all those who touch your life will enrich yours.

Okay, now that you’ve pondered those two lines you can continue popping any corks you missed last night and plod on with your New Year’s resolutions. By the way, I recently read that the average length of time people fixate on their resolutions is less than six days; so, success.

Holidays – I just love the holidays. Marcia thinks it’s a food thing; not true. I do love the foods at holiday times and yes, I tend not to be far removed from wherever the “platters” are located. And yes, I am the world’s best “food tester” whenever Marcia embarks on a creation effort. And, oh yes, I have been spotted going around the buffet table in reverse so as to not be too obvious. But, it’s not really about the food.

It’s about the people.

This past weekend it was Michigan and thanks to Paul and Dia, David and Jeanne for all the work, and all the hospitality—I had a wonderful time (Marcia too). Likewise, last evening thanks go to Jeff and Mary Ann for throwing a great New Years Eve party. It sure was fun catching up with so many folk from former times along with some current neighbors.

Later today we’ll head to Cathy and Jason’s for our, belated, gift exchange. Do you think we’re warping the kids with this, weeks long, celebration business? Naw!

Another and another and another birthday – I don’t know if it is the tax code that brings on a raft of birthdays at this time of year. Tomorrow it’s Marcia’s and Andrew’s – both missed opportunities if the tax code played a part. A favorite factoid Marcia is quick to point out is that she was the second recorded birth in Chicago the year she was born.

More on target (for IRS purposes) is our, brand new, and very healthy grand-nephew, Henry Nicholas, who today turns three—days old that is. At 9 lbs 8 oz he is a brute and already looks like a toddler. What an amazing jump start he has over the likes of a Vaioleti who started her life’s journey at 1 lb 14 oz.

Closing – Make it a great week! If you are still partying, “proost,” (or use any other expression from any other language). As long as the partying continues it will be OK. Happy New Year!

Cheers. And be certain to enjoy a brand new page addition to the Ramblings; Grandkids at the cabin – 2010 found by scrolling down the the pages column on the right.


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